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Fixed it for ya.
^^ I've been on a thread of this sort, as participant or witness, not interested, but I dropped in to say will say that heart/ teardrop shaped splash of red on the shoe is a memorable touch given what you wrote and also, visually, what you're wearing.
I think B Nelson was within his rights to refuse this order and from all I've heard he does great work. But I wouldn't go so far as to blame the customer, as some of the posts here seem to to be verging on. Either Nelson can't or won't do the stuff OP asked for, or he has some other info not shared by the OP that helped him make a decision. The customer's not to blame. However, OP, I would have asked this question on a a number of other threads, instead of opening...
Awesome shoes man. Please sell them quickly before I fold.
Anyone used the Thrux Lawrence? I've just purchased it off OP (and the Goruck as well for that matter) and it looks hella tough and stiff. I'm hoping it doesn't take long to loosen up.
New Bally Scribes for $300, dear god. I bought mine second, who knows maybe third hand, from a member here for (IIRC) $175 plus more than 4 years ago and they remain to date among my best shoe purchases. OP, you really still have the 7.5UK?
From the frying pan into the fryer .... I'll get me coat.
I concur with the sentiment that razl is doing great work. Please keep going, your efforts make this easily one of my most watched threads and the reason that I, so used to the old B&S, keep coming back to SF.
Vot jes heppened?
Jesus Christ, someone buy this shit.
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