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Thanks BB. I spoke to him and unfortunately I won't have enough time for the required fittings. However I'll be stopping by Cornell's on Saturday with a very specific list of how I would like my suit made so hopefully things will turn out well. Don't suppose anyone knows someone other that haberdasher who could fashion a pair of leather gloves?
Also If possible I'd love to get a recommendation on where to get hats as well as gloves made. Thank you again for your advice and help. Would love to buy a beer for anyone in the area that can point me in the right direction.
I'll be in Manilla this Saturday and would like to get a decent suit bespoken. Reading the thread it looks like my choices are Cornell's or bbaquiran's Tailor (who does not seem to be mentioned in the thread (unless it is greg centeno? would love to have that confirmed as the pictures posted look suitable and several members seemed very happy with that tailor's work. Also Sarto who's blog looks very nice looked like a possiblitliy http://sartoman.blogspot.com/ I would...
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