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Quote: Originally Posted by NORE dodge the military service. nah- i would rather kill those fat little 'father and son' duo up north.
Macallan, Thanks for a comprehensive overview. So ill opt out from trench and look for sale notice then!
Hello all! I am new to the forum. I have been reading this site now for the last two weeks consistently- I am going to graduate from college and going off to mandatory military service in Korea. I have a little over 5k to spend and would like to spend it on proper suits for job interviews! Frankly, I do not have any suit! just a peacoat for formal look. and I did intern at NGO where no one actually wears a suit! well I do have one black suit but yeah its black Anyhow....
Quote: Originally Posted by ZengaGent I bought 6; only 1 fit well... wow. definitely risky for me with merely no experience with MTM-
I am new to MTM suit and would like to ask how is Zegna MTM suit service. Saint Louis doesnt have many MTM stores but Neiman is hosting one Zegna MTM mid feb and would like to know the quality of Zegna MTM service compared to other MTM service? -Also what is a benchmade suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos High heels is the #1 thing to do but if you are not comfortable with that you could make sure your jacket sleeves aren't too long and have a minimum amount of break on your trouser. No excess cloth around the jacket waist. Have your jacket fitted as close as possible without pulling which emphasize extra weight. Wear a darker tie than your suit over a white or very light colored shirt. The eye is drawn to the highest...
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