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Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat a) 3-4 custom shirts b) 2 ties (Panta has some wonderful ones and are a steal at $99, Borrelli 7-folds on eBay often <$70) c) 2 pairs of oxfords - one brown, one black (Crockett & Jones, Barker Black, etc.) d) 2 quality belts to match above e) trench off eBay (BB, Burberry, etc.) A few well-made shirts and ties will give you a number of combinations, all of which will work with charcoal. And of course - as...
maybe a vespa with that spare money then.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber There is no hurry to dress like an Italian Mob Boss or Queen of England. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo Just get one of the basics for now and wait.... patience is a virtue with high quality clothes. There is no need to drop 5k on everything at once. Slowly build and enjoy the ride. Bucheon. 부천? I am just giving myself a graduation gift. Tired of saving and investing, checking Kospi every 2 mins. haha. anyhow thanks for the advice. basic basic for now.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I'm thinking your size maybe hard to come by in alot of makers OTR. WW Chan will cost you at least $1200 per suit but you could probably get 3-4 suits depending on fabric. If you can buy fabric at a good price and can go to HK, I'd go Peter Lee or Gordon Yao Thanks I thought I would try WW Chan when I visit HK in June. is it worth it? I read some of your thread about WW Chan and seems pretty nice...
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo Why don't you wait and get some suits made in SK? Seems like you wont need them right away and your build is definitely going to change when you get out of the army. Its just that I do need a suit for graduation and job interviews for OPT and grad school. Although I can always opt out to do military service, I do definitely need at least one now. I read the post earlier and am thinking of getting a suit in...
^ Sure so brand name premium is just too much for burberry. I just want something durable but in traditional style. off the top of my head, only burberry came out! Well i m not an expert but a novice in fashion/style. Maybe i should to some research on good quality doubl breasted traditional trench then.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 You can wear a suit 1-2 times a week while you are in the military? yeah well most guys in korea do their mand. service as PVT for 1yr and 10 month within their barrack and base but some can apply to be an officer and serve 3yrs full. and most intel officers work in and out of base.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche Night of debauchery, blow and hookers in your new suit before military service - Priceless all planned out and ready. and I am gonna work as intel officer for almost 3yrs so my body wont change that much dramatically.
^ thank for the info again. Unfortunately BB small is a little big for me on the shoulder. and I plan to wear it for spring and fall without a jacket- I just have one more quick question on trench. Is Burberry Prorsum/ London Trench not worth buying at all? Almost everybody in this forum agrees on the fact that Burberry is overpriced and not worth buying. I have been reading esquire US UK and Korean version for a year now and articles I read complement for longevity and...
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