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I have 1 suit in the Sienna and really love the cut, but would like something without a ticket pocket (I mostly like the minimal padding since I have an athletic frame). Do one of those 2 fit the bill more?
What are the main differences between the Napoli and the Lazio?
Any other thoughts?
I have an Isaia suit that fits perfectly. It's a few years old. The pants have started to fray a little at the pocket seams, and there is a noticable hole by the crotch area. What are my options to fix the pants? The jacket shows no wear, and it would be a shame to get rid of a really nice suit. Thanks in advance.
Any ideas on any sales going on?
I'd sell the Hickey if I can find a nice dual vented suit. If not, I'm keeping it.
I just bought a solid navy Hickey Freeman suit, that I like, but don't love. It's a single vented suit, and I'd prefer side vents. Any recommendations for a comparable suit, and where to get one? I'm looking to spend a max of $600 (so discount sites seem to be the most likely option).
Any news from the Nordstrom Rack opening?
There was an issue between drop off at my building with my doorman, and the dry cleaners. Not sure who ended up losing it.
What about availability now?
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