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thanks guys, but I need some help with the acronyms (newbie here) ill check out those styles, but im looking for some low price options (levis, H&M) until I develop my sense of style a bit more. also, im trying to lose some weight so Id prefer to get that handled before making the investment.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 I think they look fine, and should make a good project, but you might want to invest in a lower rise pair as well. It's a good idea to have different types of jeans in your wardrobe anyways. can you suggest one?
new pics.. better but not perfect IMO.. but i dont think im going to get much more shrinkage.. plus i dont think i can stand to lose more length.. they will have to do more importantly, what do YOU think?!? (ps please excuse gratuitous butt-shot)
Yeah, it seems the Park Aves in particular are very difficult to find below retail, new anyway. Perhaps I should consider another style.
AE Park Aves vs. Drydens I havent seen the Drydens in person yet, but Im assuming they will fit like the Park Aves. Also, I wonder if they will be too dress for business casual. I think the price is right at $150 each, new. I may get them both: one in brown, one in black. What do you guys think?
Quote: Originally Posted by yeayea Modern trends in fashion (Peter Pan: the boy who refused to grow up) only reflect this trend in our popular culture. Well.. I added that last part. The books dont get into fashion. For the record, Im certainly no fashion critic or historian, but thought it would make an interesting hypothesis given the theme of the article. Anyway, it perfectly coincided with these rather profound books ive been reading...
i havent been fitted for a jacket in a while my chest is 40" my shirt size is 15 1/2 - 32/33
Quote: Originally Posted by velobran Regarding the blazer, doesn't it seem like it's pulled out too far on his shoulders? Looks like it should fit the model with a slimmer V. yes. im a bit concerned with that. looks exaggerated and a bit oversized as drizz pointed out. wondering if i could have it tailored after purchasing. only comes in S,M,L sizes, im assuming im a M, but i dont see sizing info on the site i agree about the hoodie,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slamdog first i did a cold soak, then i gave it a 4 hour hot soak in the bathtub and i think it got a little smaller. it wont hurt to try. just curious, why the cold soak first? i soaked for a few hours last night and am soaking them as i type the shrinking is getting less dramatic each time, which is to be expected i guess.
Thinking of getting these items: Josh Podoll Boro Jacket in Navy Navy Blue, two-button. Looks classic enough to not be trendy (ie can still wear next year) but trendy enough to be part of my "going out" wardrobe Morphine Generation Cant Hoodie in Denim I like this hoodie except for the print on the back and the hood Splendid Mills Slub Jersey Long Sleeve Polo in Sesame - clean and simple to add to my basics WESC Perry Knitted Sweater in Lamb's Wool - also...
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