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I think I now understand what is meant by shoe-porn. Gorgeous shoes. Out of my league (for now).
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Kenneth Cole what if I may ask. Not exactly sure. Black broques or Chelseas if I can get them for cheap. Im running out of time before my job starts on July 16, so I was thinking of getting something cheap to hold me over till I can get something better off B&S or ebay. I have brown AEs coming in the mail via ebay. Then again, I may just go to the CT store in NYC to get the Chelseas (if still on...
Can someone recommend someone? I have a local tailor, but I dont know if she is good. Other than trial and error, can you suggest a way to determine if she is quality? Im still new to this and my clothes are relatively inexpensive and my look is not highly refined, so Im not in need of a high end tailor, just someone who is competent. Any guidance on this one?
im still developing my sense of what a good fit is. is there a web resource of images/descriptions on how mens clothes should fit? interested in both formal and street.
Too bad. That was top on my list. Unfortunately, Im not knowledgeable enough to know the difference. I may pick up some BR slacks/khakis if I can get them cheap. Also was thinking of Kenneth Cole if I can get it under $100. Please talk some sense into me.
Going to the Outlet Mall in Atlantic City this weekend. Not going specifically for the outlets, but I'll be there anyway and thought I would check it out. Im specifically in the market for business casual slacks and black shoes. Will also pick up casual/streetwear if I get impulsive. Anything I should lookout for? Anything I should avoid? Store list:
From the "Thrillist" E-Newsletter: Armani Exchange Semiannual Sale Thru July 13 at all NYC locations A|X is slashing up to 70% off jeans, shirts, shorts, polos, and flip flops, though if you've slathered on A|xe, aroused women'll tear these garments off you before you can get out of the store. Or not.
I PMed and emailed. Are these still available?
Quote: Originally Posted by modmica Are you set on getting a balmoral? I would consider a blucher for business casual. Good point. Thanks. Im new at this so Im counting on you guys to point out details like this. The whole business-casual is so confusing. I think my department is more casual than the others in the office. (Havent started yet) Im in urban planning. Im an engineer and planner who will be working in the urban design...
thank you just came across these in B&S: Do you think they will fit?
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