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nay its all sugar and water. no matter what label they stick on it. save your $$
Quote: Originally Posted by sygyzy Could you explain more detail how it works? Maybe have some vector diagrams? Ah, vector diagrams, you know my pain.
it sits on the door frame, but the frame does not support your weight. instead the frame acts as a hinge so your weight is projected horizontally into the wall. its pretty neat how it works and if i wasnt an engineer i would have no idea (i guess 5 years of school + a masters degree werent wasted after all!). took me a minute to figure out and it still amazes me when i think about it.
sounds good. i was reading matt thortons blog and article on 'aliveness' .. sounds very cool i will PM you before I take the class..
Cool miz. Thanks for answering my questions. I like the ego-less approach. Not so concerned with the color of my belt but I do want to feel like i can keep getting challenged and that i am advancing my knowledge and skills as quickly as possible. What day would you suggest I stop by? I can probably do so next week. I have one similar to this one that works well. I found mine online for only $14 but I cant recall where. It sits in the door frame and does not require any screws or permanent attachments to the door. It might scratch the wall above the door when taking it up and down if you are not careful, however.
yeah. just the city. midtown preferred. thanks mizination - my questions are as follows: - how is the competition at the school? are there plenty of quality guys to train with? (i am not a top notch competitor or anything, but while i was in NJ i found myself in a school with primarily white belts and that failed to adequately challenge me) can i roll with purples, browns and blacks? -how is chrisitian as an instructor? what sets him apart? -what does the...
Hey guys, I am looking for a gym to train Brazillian Ju Jitsu, Muay Tai, and MMA in NYC. Renzo Gracie is probably the top BJJ gym, but is $230 per month with a 2 year commitment. Muay Tai is $50/month extra. I found Ronin Athletics which is $160 and is unlimited BJJ, MT and MMA, but it is a rather small gym and I dont know about the quality of the guys. I am a blue belt in BJJ and am looking for a school that can take me to purple and has guys at higher...
you can find some good ideas and workouts here: little-to-no equipment needed - maybe the jungle-gym at your local park
to the OP: your situation and pics remind me of me when i first started. I was like "i look pretty good" when i actually looked pretty rediculous (cheap clothes way oversized). i am learning the folly of my ways and still have far to go. someone mentioned find your fit and get the basics. this is great advice. you dont really know what your style is so if you spend $$ on something because of the style you might regret it in a short amount of time because your...
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