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Quote: Originally Posted by robbie Blantonator- cool chair +1 love that chair
With all the rain and snow lately my CT Chelsea's got pretty wet one day and are now noticeably musty. I saw somewhere online to stuff them with newspaper. I tried that and i guess it helped but not enough. Any tips for cleaning the old water smell from boots? I know placing them near a heat source will damage the leather. I should note that I dont have cedar trees for them. The shoe shop by me had them but they did not fit, so I opted for plastic ones. In...
quick question: i remember finding a link on this site somewhere to a page that showed the proper method of measuring jeans (waist, rise, knee, etc.) - i think there was a name for the method and it seems to be the one preferred around here anyway - i lost the link - any help?
Quote: Originally Posted by ken I don't work at Target. I don't own any True Religions. I don't belong in this thread. lmao Edit: I cant believe I wasted 15 minutes reading a 2 year old thread. But this made it worth it.
I plan to head to soho this afternoon Anyone know where i can find 5eps to try on before i purchase online? thanks
Thought this may be of interest Oh, Roberto: Fisticuffs At H&M Herald Square Oh, the humanity!
I picked up the Chelseas from CT yesterday. Quick question regarding fit: - I tried a 7.5 UK - very snug in the toes- a bit crampt and uncomfortable - i tried a 8 UK - much better but my heal comes up a bit when walking I went with the 8s. They feel fine but I am concerned that they might get too loose as they break in. In general, how should Chelseas fit? On the tight side or on the loose side? Should I have went with the tighter fit and break them in?...
What is your opinion? Found a pair on ebay for $165 new. I tried on the CH Lucarno's and was a 9.5. The Durams are a 9, so it might be a moot point. What is your opinion on CH in general? They dont seem to be favored highly around here, although I did read a post saying that the Durams were the one of the last things they do well. What is the issue? Is it quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 CT always have 50% or more on their online stuff so I'm not sure how much of a deal that really is. I went to check out the Chelseas. The 50% is off the full price ($325), not the current sale price ($250). At $165+/- they might not be worth it (I was hoping to get them for $125). I guess i should just drop the extra $75-$100 and go for the RM Williams.
A friend just sent me this. I am going for the black chelsea boots. Anything else I should look out for?: Dear Loyal Customer, We would like to invite you to a special shopping event CHARLES TYRWHITT'S FLAGSHIP SHOP Located @ 745 7th AVENUE Wednesday, 3 October and Thursday, 4 October, 2007, from 9:30am - 8:30pm. SAVE 50% OFF ANY PURCHASE OF $200 OR MORE* and receive a $25 GIFT VOUCHER (one gift voucher per person)! RSVP to let us know...
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