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no not asking for a refund - just sympathy i took them in previously (part of the insole detatched) and they fixed them for free as it was within the 3 month period i could have gotten a new pair but declined (didnt want to ask for a whole new pair just for this minor repair) they have a cobbler they work with but i dont know who in retrospect i guess i should have gotten the new pair
yes Charles Tyrwhitt wore them a lot - my only respectable boot so they got overused - plus ive been wearing them from the bars to the office to wherever - its my first year in manhattan and walked all over the place going to take them back and see what they suggest - i think you can return with no questions for up to 3 months so it seems like they have good customer service - its been about 6 months and i dont have the receipt anymore, but maybe they will have some...
crap meant to post this in mens style.. can it be moved?
got them in october - already worn a hole in the sole kind of disappointing but i wore them pretty regularly whats involved in repairing them? can you recommend somewhere? im in manhattan - live in hells kitch work in chelsea i have a few places to go for a shine but not sure about repairs - dont want to spend too much either, however, just enough to get the job done properly is this kind of wear to be expected? i thought these would last me years in...
Anyone have sizing information for these tees?
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Well, it's not like spidey sense. And, I certainly don't think you need some color gypsy telling you what colors you are. The best way to develop your sense of color is by recognizing how comfortable you are wearing a certain color. And, what hi-val suggested about wearing color with neutrals, you'll find that a lot of colors work well with grays. ok i hear what you are saying - thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by hi-val A good way to start is work with two neutrals and a bright color. Neutrals can be khaki, tan, grey, charcoal, white, black, sage green, light blue, etc. You see it in the grey suit, white shirt, red tie combination among other things. If you know a place with a lot of clothes that fit, try many colors on and see what works. This also goes with jewelry. For example, silver looks a lot better than gold does on me, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Usually, misunderstanding is actually the fear of trying on color. Go to a store, and put that shit on, and see how it looks on you. i feel like i would choose colors i like but dont know how to judge how they look on me - im stilll learning and developing this sense
kind of a newbie question here but now that i have a better understanding of proper fit and the basics i would like to develop a sense of how to use color ive heard of "getting your colors done" but dont know much about the process or where to go, if it is accurate or bs, etc any tips on how to get started? any place i can go in nyc to get "my colors"? thanks yall
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