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If your looking to gain muscle, running, treadmill and eliptical will work against your goals. You definitely want to hit the weights. You will need to join a gym to get all the equipment you need. 50lbs worth of dumbbells wont be enough. You want a program that uses compound movements that will work several muscles (squats, deadlifts, pullups, benchpress). You want to eat 4-6 times per day. Lean protein (chicken breast, egg whites, lean red meat) with plenty...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I posted advice in the ask a question thread to your problem as you asked it there as well. I think it will help i saw that, thanks. i tried to move the convo to that thread, but looks like it stuck here. 'sall good. i may attempt to return them. i bought them at sears and i think they will take back just about anything. i only wore them once, so it might work. in that case, i will bump up the...
i took the tags off already
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben Those look really good on you and thats bad because they'll shrink at least 3 inches in length. arrrgghhh!! 3" !?! wow. i thought it would be more like 1". ill try to stretch them. ill post some 'after' pics once i get to it this week thanks for the compliments guys. starting to get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Well, they're shrink to fit, so you should probably soak them to get them to fit how they're supposed to. Fill the tub with water as hot as it goes, and then put the jeans in for about an hour. Wear them while they're still wet/damp and walk/ride your bike to the store or something until they're dry. Then you'll be good to go. cool, thanks! after that, wash as needed?
hi guys.. heres me in my brand new STF 501s bought them a size up in anticipation of the STF (32" waist/30" inseam). what are the next steps? is there a post on this? do i soak, shrink, or wear for months on end without washing?
OK - Ill refer to those threads first. Got a bit excited.
Aww.. Here are some pics. Too baggy. they are a size 32. The 30s were too snug. Im assuming they will shrink. Worn once. not yet washed. so.. now what?
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug By myspace i mean the teeny bopper, cool high school indie crowd that listens to the killers and my chemical romance and are members of the Threadless community(the people that post their shirts and comment everywhere). It's the kids trying to be really different and cool by wearing shirts with "clever" words on them, ironic stuff, or overly artsy off center graphics. In gainesville, there still a couple people at UF...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I don't really like many threadless tees and those are no different. The elephant one isn't terrible, but it just reeks of myspace "look how cool and unique i am by wearing funny shirts". im going for something fun and simple. something i can wear to bars and social events and say "look at my cool/funny/goofy tee shirt." corny? perhaps, but its all in fun IMO. i dont usually wear graphic tees or tees...
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