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Quote: Originally Posted by givemefive That's exactly the color it turns your clothes. I will second that - i ruined quite a few things before i realized that bp was the culprit - however it seems strange that it would turn up in those spots rather than on the collar - also very strange to turn up on a new garment..
according to Drew at APC there is a sample sale this week - today, thurs and friday 425 west 13th Street at Washington Street 6th floor thats all i know - you may want to call to find out more..
From Drew FYI: The RB15 is a slim fit straight leg. It should be true to size depending on the body type of the person. If some one is bigger in the thigh, they should probably size up or try the RB11. RB11 is a loose fitting straight leg. More room in the thigh. Our denim is pre-washed. You may loose some of the length after washing. At the most ¼ of an inch. The waist may tighten after washing but it will not shrink. Denim "gives" as you wear it. We...
Quote: Originally Posted by DBoon I'm trying to contact Rag & Bone about a replacement donut button for the button fly on a pair of RB2. I tried emailing and got this: Does anyone know who I should email for questions like this (replacement button)? I got same response.. then i emailed and it didnt bounce.. no reply yet (just emailed an hour or so ago..) i guess i will call if they dont email...
can anyone give me a quick rundown on sizing info for RB15, RB16 and RB17 ..? size up/down? will they shrink/stretch? would like to run to the sample sale today.. (i searched for this info i swear!.. but this thread is a beast!)
nice! $79 for denim.. what styles do the have (r&b)?
Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone - for both Women & Men CLOTHINGLINE 261 W. 36TH STREET BETWEEN 7TH AND 8TH AVE 2ND FLOOR TUESDAY DECEMBER 2ND THROUGH FRIDAY DECEMBER 5TH HOURS: T & TH 10AM - 7PM / W & F 10AM - 6PM Anyone been??
any sizing info on the Uniqlo denim? size down? i may run down there today at lunch..
Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid Welcome to your weekly new t-shirt thread. lol jcrew and amer apparel for me
Quote: Originally Posted by blank Label: Gant Deal: 80% off preppy fall and winter gear When/Where: Wednesday, October 22 through Friday, October 24. Wed"”Thurs 8:30am"”6:30pm; Fri 8:30am"”5:30pm. 20 W. 55th St between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, 11th Floor (212-230-1949.) now go and report also go to check out an exhibit featuring pics by 'the sartorialist' scott schuman!
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