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Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard my retarded landlord's machines eat my quarters faster than a skank at a peep show.
Woodbury Commons this weekend.. please comment if you see something worthwhile - i may go tomorrow
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym The three basics I'd look for are 1) soles that have been stitched rather than glued, 2) interiors that are unlined or leather lined, and 3) good fit. Eventually, you should get to know: 1) the difference between types of sole stitching (blake, blake-rapid, goodyear welted, etc.), 2) the difference between calfskin and pigskin lining, 3) the difference between corrected grain and whole grain leather. 4)...
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Use Stanton Tailor Shop next time instead. thanks for the recommend..
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Unfortunately, IMO, the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate how the tailor erred or deviated from your instructions. If you weren't explicit in your directions, and can't make it clear quicky how it's his fault and not yours,,then I'm not sure you have a case. That said, it's still a case worth fighting for, and I would imagine any good tailor will have an unspoken maximum sum they'll refund in these...
Hi All - I recently had the sleeves shortened for 2 shirts at G&G on Grand St NYC. I was happy with the work they did hemming my denim, so I decided to give them a shot with my shirts. They cut the sleeves too short and they are now not wearable. It is my first time tailoring a shirt so I am willing to accept this as a lesson learned and realize that my own naivete may have contributed to the poor results. My question is this - what do you consider customary...
whats the best way to hem selvege denim (r&b, apc rescues)? do i need to chain stitch? i dont plan to wear them cuffed as a look per se but may cuff them from time to time, so preserving the selvege would be nice thus it seems original hem would be out, what is the alternative? what level of difficulty? it seems that cardelino in ny is a trusted tailor so i will probably take them there. what should i ask for?
Quote: Originally Posted by B1FF Whenever I feel the urge to eat something, I cut myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong The Gilded Age collab is Japanese-sized, just as the OC one was. Hence the lack of a size S, since M = S, L = M, etc. thats interesting to know - i was wondering why i fit a L
how should i treat my "new" prewash 501s? will they shrink/fade? should i go for a few months without washing or will that be a waste of time? ive had them for a few weeks now and love them, noticed some stretching with wear and the color is a very dark and looks like it will run if i wash/soak so im considering breaking them in for a bit before i do so apologies in advance - i searched for this but only found info on SFTs
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