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Hi everyone, So I've had my Rust 1Ks for about a year and a half now, and it looks like putting on a half sole would have been a good idea in the beginning. Turns out I'm pretty heavy on my toes, and it looks like the sole wore away faster for my right toe than anything else. It's even revealed the stitching underneath. My question is can I still have a cobbler put something on (taps and/or half sole) or is it too late and I should just wait until it's due for a...
Can you give a measurement for the waist (at the second last button) on the Regular S? We seem to have the same problem, where a slim S is borderline in chest and the slim M is better, but big elsewhere. I was considering trying the Regular S.
Let me know how it turns out. But yeah, those top three are the ones that pull for me as well. I think if the jump from S to M had an increase in the chest, but not so much the back, it'd be nice as well (and kept the waist the same).
I forgot to mention that I am trying to correct my posture, but if I stand with good posture (shoulders back, chest out), there is slight pulling on the top two buttons for the slim S, more if I move.
Another OCBD fit question (sorry). I'm 5'11", 160 lb, 38" chest and 31" waist. I tried on the slim fit OCBD in both S and M. Small was a little dangerous, waist and length were good, but the shoulder and chest were fine if i didn't pull my arms back. There's pulling along the placket if I move my arms in any motion aside from a walking swing. Any shrinking probably would have made it too tight. The medium was a better fit (not too snug) in the shoulders and chest, but the...
I have a pair of APC New Standards, size 30 for sale. I tried them on at home once. ***SOLD*** Measurements are as follow: Waistband (with dip): 15" Waistband (without dip): 15.5" Front Rise: 10.25" Back Rise: 13" Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 8.25" Leg Opening: 7.25" Inseam: 34.5"
The pics were so people could help determine if I need to size up or not. I'm new to raw denim, so cut me some slack.
So I picked up a pair of APC NS 29. The thighs and crotch are really tight; there's a white line running down the thighs from the outseam separating a bit. Will this eventually go away with some thigh (and hopefully crotch) stretch, or is this a sign that I should size up. Not looking for a skinny fit, just slim (between 511 and 514?). Edit: Included photos. The white line can be seen in the side view. I feel like I have wedgie when I walk.
Thanks for all the input, guys. I can climb two steps at a time right now, but I guess sizing down might make the thighs too tight. They currently measure 11.5" and my thighs are 22". According to Context a NS 29 has 11" thighs, so they'd probably be painted on on me. It also sounds like the consensus is that the thighs don't stretch much, meaning I should stick with the size where the thighs are what I'm comfortable with now (expecting minimal stretching). Hopefully using...
Can you tell me what parts are too loose such that I'd need to size down? If I did, would the fit be similar to what I have currently after stretching?Do they look tight in the picture? I've seen some initial fits where the thighs look painted on or the seam is stretched. I assume I'd only want that if I was going for a skinny fit? How much do thighs usually stretch?How do you find the fit now? Have the thighs and waist stretched a lot? I plan on wearing a belt with my...
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