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Put me on that list. Some color 8 modified indy boots would be fantastic. I have no experience with the modified last, but I have wide feet, a medium arch and normal heels. I like the hampton last TTS - it hugs my ankle and has plenty of forefoot room. Sounds like the modified fits similar. Wearing barrie color 8 ptbs right now, and definitely wish the heel was less roomy.
the 405 absolutely stretches out - wish it didn't
I love the forefoot fit of the barrie last, but the ankle area is too roomy for me. Air pushes out of the shoe, making a hissing noise. I have wide feet due to a slight bone overgrowth on the outside of the midfoot, but my feet aren't fat. Too much overall volume in the barrie for my feet. I wish there was last that was wide, but narrower in the ankle. Currently, I use a tongue pad and that works, but the shoes should fit without it.
Wearing this boot right now from Alden on Madison. Super versatile. I bought these because the need for a black cap toe arose when I returned the AE Park Avenues back to Nordstrom for garbage leather. The boot works with a suit just as well as jeans, and the creasing is somewhat controlled compared to other models because of the design of the boot.
you can probably thank each other for that...stupid internets
What's with all the talk of giving up nuts for shoes? I'm pretty sure a potential seller won't want your used ball - they like money. Go get some and convince an owner to sell. If your willing to part with a testicle, paying double or triple retail shouldn't be a problem.
Ravello or cigar please. I have a whiskey lwb already and I want the rainbow. I wonder if there's a way to get navy cordovan. Rider had it before I think. A grant shortwing in navy with double natural sole? A guy can dream...
barrie is the normal go to because it fits the widest range of feet. i like the grant. a lot. it's ironic that these posts are up now because i messaged kgmessier earlier about his thoughts on a wingtip special makeup on the grant as he successfully got 2 group orders together for other shoes. i am thinking about a shortwing boot on the grant, preferrably in ravello or cigar. i'm open to one in some type of interesting calf if the shell won't work. my feet may be...
this method will still result in random creasing, sometimes more than if the pencil wasn't used. the creasing depends on the shell and your gait. if your creasing looks a little wild, just chalk it up to your individual feet and move on. the problem with using the pencil is that if your gait doesn't coincide with the way you creased the shoe, the other creases will develop in addition and could look bizarre. if you don't like the way shell looks broken in, stick to...
alden on madison has the boots on a double leather sole, but you can get a shoemaker to put on some thin viberg treds. not a big deal. just don't get big treds on a double leather or people may mistake you for gary glitter.
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