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Christmas, ever heard of it?I'm sure it's fine. The USPS is always crushed this time of year with a ton of volume, and I think they have been cutting back on employees, so that may impact your wait time. Don't sweat it.
Probably looking at the 1947 501. It's steep, but a great pair of jeans. Arguably the most famous of all cuts considering all the Japanese reproductions of it.
you mean besides the standard 501?
the rise is very important when looking to tuck in. i like the tellasons because they are low in the front, but the rise is like a straight-leg in the back. my shirts never untuck. i can't wear shirts tucked into my new standards because the back rise is just a little too low. OP - save some cash and get the 1947 501 if the rise works for you. The denim is decent and the rise is good for tucking in - just what you want. Just be sure to size up because they will...
probably longer than a year. ordered a cigar captoe close to a year ago, and it hasn't even been confirmed by alden yet.
First WAYWT pic... Fjallraven Vince New Standards (not pictured) scuffed up indy 405s
Venetian shoe cream and lots of brushing. Quick maintenance with a microfiber glasses wipe. Shoes will blind. proof...
Put me on that list. Some color 8 modified indy boots would be fantastic. I have no experience with the modified last, but I have wide feet, a medium arch and normal heels. I like the hampton last TTS - it hugs my ankle and has plenty of forefoot room. Sounds like the modified fits similar. Wearing barrie color 8 ptbs right now, and definitely wish the heel was less roomy.
the 405 absolutely stretches out - wish it didn't
I love the forefoot fit of the barrie last, but the ankle area is too roomy for me. Air pushes out of the shoe, making a hissing noise. I have wide feet due to a slight bone overgrowth on the outside of the midfoot, but my feet aren't fat. Too much overall volume in the barrie for my feet. I wish there was last that was wide, but narrower in the ankle. Currently, I use a tongue pad and that works, but the shoes should fit without it.
New Posts  All Forums: