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Maxusone- That stuff is not cracks in the cordovan. Cracks will look like jagged splits in the leather. Those scratches on the second pic are also no big deal. Get the reno to clean out the creases. The rough spots in between the ripples are dried up oils and waxes that leave the leather. My right color 8 longwing does this much more than the left, so I have to focus more on it. This will eventually go away, but the good news is that more this happens, the better...
pebblegrain - you never fail to make me laugh. you must have a "dumb shit" alert system, because whenever someone says some dumb shit, you're always there to let them know.
^fit looks great, but I'm not a huge fan of the shirt
this is pee your pants-worthy. +100
My favorite beer with my new favorite whiskey! Bought them from Alden Madison yesterday, arrived on my doorstep today. Celebrating with some 90min IPA. Happy Holidays, bitches!
From an Alden rep at a recent trunk show, the calf they use for brown shoes is from France, the stuff for black from Germany.
I saw the 513 the other day...looks like a 514 with a slight taper at the bottom
I will disagree here. First, the shoes are the same price at retail, the exception being for special makeups that would put a premium in the price (a la ultimate indy).That said, I love my 405s. The leather feels much softer and thicker to me in my hand than chromexcel. Both are great leathers, and you should only decide based on which boot you like better. Chromexcel is a pull-up leather that will accentuate the aging process and wrinkling; while the 405 will...
i would do the rinsed 47 ort the 54stf
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