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the death nail is on a financial chart when the company basically goes almost vertically straight down with corresponding volume spike straight up. no coming back from that.i work full time while going to school. no loans, and I can still save every paycheck while forking over the cash for too many shell aldens.
FYI, there are still biglaw jobs and solid regional jobs being had by t3 and t4 in non NYC markets. This elitist bullshit is nonsense. It may be harder to get a job in a lower school, especially for socially awkward people, but it's not the death nail. Also, just like in finance, there are plenty of top-school trained people that are completely worthless outside the classroom (these are probably your profs). The main benefit to a higher-ranked school is that people...
Best retailer - I tell everyone about it, and I hope the company only enjoys great success. Excellent customer service each of the handful times I ordered.
I hope there is a plan to do a traveling show or something. I'm in Philly, and I NEED this. (the jeans mostly, but that sandwich looks good, too)
Is the lacing supposed to be this far apart? This looks OK, but I thought the lacing should be close but not touching...
This may have been answered many times but I'm on my iPhone and not into long searches. Any strong reason to go with either sterlingwear or schott? They both look similar and are both melton. Is there a preference as to cut or just the name? I placed an order with schott but have just started seeing sterlingwear praise here and on AAAC. Thoughts?
well done - enjoy your new purchase!
Horsehide, I like some of the contrast stitching on the momotaro's, but not enough to drop 350 on jeans. I stick with Tellason and APC - both under 200. Best to find them on sale - much different than a regular 501, but you still beat the crap out of them and don't care about them. That's the point to get the unique look over time. Try a pair - I'm sure you've spent the same money on less. I will say that, in sizing down on the APC, the denim stretches to fit, but...
Just to make this more difficult for you, Seer, the whiskey shoes have been a little darker lately. I posted a pic of my new whiskey indys a few days back. I hate the lighter shade of whiskey as it can look plasticy. If you find a less red ravello, that should be the best overall color. Cigar is nice, but it won't pop the same Asa lighter brown. That said, color 8 is still my favorite. I think you should pop your cherry with some #8. Idk what they have in stock, but the...
yes, this is how cordovan creases, and it will be noticeable for a while. the faster you break them in, the faster the white creases will darken. as i mentioned in the post above, this has to do with the bloom. be careful with covering it over with polish or your shoes will get grit and buildup like Maxusone's.
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