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you should have got your old van in the picture, too. you know, the one that says "free candy" on it.
Upon second look, the arms totally threw me off. There's way too much fabric there. It's not a sleeve pitch issue.
The idea is good, but the fit is too full. Eat a few meals and hit the gym, then retake the pic. Also, I bet that t-shirt problem you have would be solved by this, too. Not trying to be harsh, but had to say it.
oban 14, macallan 18 are my favorites. currently working on a bottle of blue label i got as a gift. it's ok, but definitely overrated.
anyone have pics of their lhs with denim? just bought a pair for business casual, but i'm torn on whether i like them with jeans. i wear new standards and tellasons in ladbroke and jgm (slim straights). for those that like this look, how narrow are your leg openings?
vans california line has some winners every now and again
don't cheap out on the bed or couch - these are the most important parts of the house for your comfort. I went with a sterns and foster mattress and a crate & barrel axis couch (I have a townhouse so the couch actually fits in the room). your taste in furniture may vary, but don't get something only b/c it's cheap and looks good. your back will hurt and you will be miserable that those precious few minutes of free time you have are spent uncomfortably. for decorative...
6'1" 250
i wear them with all but chinos - i prefer browns or color 8 with them over black
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