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I have the 258 because I use a 15" macbook and need to carry law books. Best bag I ever got. Handles much more than previous bags that ripped to shreds with less weight (Swiss Army, Tumi). Customer for life.
those should look great once you brush them...how's the fit? i've stayed away from barrie chukkas because the fit is supposedly sloppy.
how's the width on the mmm? I wear 11.5e barrie. I wear 11.5 or 12 in chucks, but after a while, the sides get a bit stretched.
torn between the 701 and 702. for those that own the 702, what do you wear with it? also, does it shrink much after a soak like the 701 will?
I love wearing lighter brown leather and wear it much more than black, but there is a real distinction between brown leather and whiskey that can't be captured in a photo. I love my whiskey indy, but it isn't even close to the versatility that you will get from color 8. If he had those pants against a color 8 boot, that look would blow away this combo.
I'm thinking about stepping up to the more expensive Japanese lines, but I'm torn on the direction to go. I have APC new standards and a few different Tellasons now, so I have some experience with raw denim (all sanforized). I'm looking for a slim straight with a lower rise that will produce some strong contrast. Between Self Edge and BIG, there's way too much to choose from. Can anyone recommend a pair that they love with just a quick blurb as to why? The IH666 looks...
Marroyo - what jeans? The leathersoulxIRs? I loved my whiskey longwings but found them not very versatile. Luckily the vamp came loose and alden screwed up the repair so I switched for whiskey indys. I bet those jeans would look sick with some cordo boots.
you should have got your old van in the picture, too. you know, the one that says "free candy" on it.
Upon second look, the arms totally threw me off. There's way too much fabric there. It's not a sleeve pitch issue.
The idea is good, but the fit is too full. Eat a few meals and hit the gym, then retake the pic. Also, I bet that t-shirt problem you have would be solved by this, too. Not trying to be harsh, but had to say it.
New Posts  All Forums: