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Quote: Originally Posted by superseiyan Anyway, question: If one buys their *real* collar and sleeve length, from brands that sell single sizes (rather than combined ones), how much does one hove to take shrinking into consideration? Is shrinking enough of a factor to have to generally size one up, or is it overrated, with it being better to just buy ones own size? First, don't buy garbage shirts. Second, don't launder them too hot. Good...
Magnanni shoes - way too pointy for me, but I didn't realize until I wore them. Luckily, Last Call still took them back. Also, a Robert Graham shirt. When I bought it, I wasn't familiar with the label. I bought a conservative blue and white stripe with a maroon design under the cuff. Hit the Borgata and saw all the bros that swapped their Ed Hardy out for the Robert Graham at night. I wanted to puke.
the first thing i thought was "gym shorts"
i prefer the cleaner look of the half windsor with spread collars, especially for business. polo collar means four in hand. sometimes i'll do the four in hand with the thicker ties so it doesn't look too ari gold (nothing wrong with that - just not my style), but i'll play around with the tie to make it look more even.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Also, dont forget the shoes. Nothing ruins a nice suit like a pair of rubber soled squaretoes. So true. Best way to ruin a good suit is to wear it with crap. Shop at Off Saks, Last Call, or Nordstrom Rack. You can get 2 "good" suits for the price of 1. Take the remaining money you would have spent on the Black Fleece nonsense and buy: (2) pairs of respectable dress shoes, dark brown and black. Nothing...
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit HB is not a great value at retail, for sure. But who would pay retail for it any way? Comparisons in quality with Canali, Zegna etc are not fair or adequate. For 250-300 it's a good value for what it is in comparison to other mall brands I can't get my arm into a Canali suit so it wouldn't matter if the Canali was free. My biceps stops at the armhole, and it's not like I'm Lou Ferrigno. For the record, I...
again, the Sony MDVR-700 is what you want. looks and performance. plus, the fact that almost all touring DJs and producers use this should tell you they're good. http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/...uctId=11038999
State College, PA Hoboken
2009 infiniti g37x coupe. white with cream on the inside. beautiful car, but already a pain in the balls. lots of small issues, but at least they were covered under warranty. those scheduled maintenance checks will murder your wallet. my 30,000mi checkup cost me ~490. next time i will buy a lexus or bmw that includes all scheduled maintenance.
Sennheiser makes great open-ear headphones if you want something like that. Personally, I prefer the closed Sony MDRV-700 or an in-ear headphone. I use these buds with my ipod when I run or in the gym. Great value and solid output. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Klipsch+...&skuId=9422369
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