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2009 infiniti g37x coupe. white with cream on the inside. beautiful car, but already a pain in the balls. lots of small issues, but at least they were covered under warranty. those scheduled maintenance checks will murder your wallet. my 30,000mi checkup cost me ~490. next time i will buy a lexus or bmw that includes all scheduled maintenance.
Sennheiser makes great open-ear headphones if you want something like that. Personally, I prefer the closed Sony MDRV-700 or an in-ear headphone. I use these buds with my ipod when I run or in the gym. Great value and solid output.
Quote: Originally Posted by skyduster That's awesome that you were able to get your tailor to alter an HB Pasolini suit to the point where it actually looks great. I have a grey HB Pasolini suit, and my tailor did all he could and it looks okay on me. I'm not buying another HB suit again. I bought a 2nd HB Pasolini suit at Macy's because I loved the navy pinstripe fabric, but I returned it after trying it on several times at home, because it just... 2003 Submariner 2005 Baume and Mercier Capeland Chrono gold and stainless Old quartz Omega Seamaster
aventinus is my all time favorite. dogfish head 90 minute is great, but i never want more than one. there's a bar in Old City Philly called Eulogy that had a great carmel stout on tap at one point, but i forget the name.
I just bought my first pair of selvedge, a tellason. I'm used to AG and Citizens straight leg, so this is quite new for me. Does anyone know how long it takes for the Tellasons to soften up? The denim is 12.75oz. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse Their Slim Fit shirts are already too big for me, especially in the waist and sleeve width, so I'm sure the Regular Fit is gigantic. The measurements I listed in my previous post are shirt measurements, not body measurements, so I was hoping the BB ESF would be closer to my MTM shirt measurements. It might be a little tight in the chest, so I will probably just have to find a store somewhere and try one on. And...
indy boot sizing question... i bought the last pair from in the size i wear in AE last-8, and my toes come up to the stitching across the top. should i size down? these are my first aldens as a new convert from AE, and i'm not sure how the extra toe room is supposed to feel.
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