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Please help! I am caught between the two, both in Color 8. Any help would be most appreciated. I thought the longwing was an obvious choice, but when I put the PTB on, it looked significantly less clunky than I thought it would. My concern is that I have wide feet. 11E in cordo fit a little snug so the 11.5E should fit comfortably but a little long. I don't want my crazy feet to make the shoe look like a ripple disaster. Any advice would be great, especially from...
handle that work issue because that will only escalate. the guy that tailgates you, fuck 'em! drive slower.
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn She made you feel insecure, enough to where you posted this thread... I would do the best of your ability to remain secure in yourself, keep it light as GQgeek said, and don't allow yourself to come off as needy or weak. don't let your dopey thoughts get in the way of being yourself and enjoying your time with her. you're already letting the situation mess with your head, and it hasn't even happened yet. if...
i have sherman brothers bringing in a ptb and a longwing, both in #8. i am conflicted about which one should be my first cordo. the ptb looks like it will be more versatile, but i really like the longwing, too. unfortunately, getting both isn't an option. any thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by John_ That's a bummer! I would not be happy with that. I would return. Return city, population you.
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline Given the persistent inquiries about last sizes, does someone want to volunteer to put together a table with the lasts and typical fits? I haven't tried enough lasts to do this, nor do I want to wade through 9500 posts for the info already in the thread. http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index.cfm/fitting.htm The information provided here is pretty clear, but it doesn't address the differences in widths...
Thanks to both of you. Wow, this is annoying. To get a cordo shoe I will have to special order. Yikes.
I've heard that cordovan shoes fit looser than calfskin. If my foot is ~EE in the Trubalance, would a cordo E longwing fit? i hate this mail order shoe-shopping nonsense...
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran +1 on Benjamin Graham's books. That one and Security Analysis. These are the best I know of, but they can be harder to follow considering they are so old. I'm sure there are pre-owned investment books from college or business schools that would be better suited for a new investor. Look on NYU, Dartmouth, or MIT websites. Try to find schedules and required books for the class. Then, hit Amazon.
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