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first, it was a description of how the pants look to me. If the top block is super wide and the pants are cropped 6 inches above the ankle, what does that look like to you? second, you could have come up with a much better insult than chucklefuck. i don't even know what that's supposed to mean.
I did, and I'm happy with my look. I'm not talking shit on anyone - I'm looking for a reason why people like it.
I didn't say those things - I only mentioned the fit. Snowman is wearing a pair of cropped pants prior to all that car talk, and they look like someione else's pants (that someone being short and fat). Obviously everyone is entitled to their choice, and I'm not knocking his, but I want to know what it is about that look that people are into.People slaughter Hagg for untucked shirts with a blazer but can't stop stroking Snowman for the anti-fit. It blows my mind. Someone...
can some of you explain to me why you spend hundreds on the anti-fit stuff? why do you intentionally make yourselves look like you are wearing danny devito's pants?
This is only inexperience talking. I love #8 more than the other colors - it has a depth and variation to it that the others can't match. I own #8, black, whiskey, and have cigar on order, but if I could only have one color, it would be #8. My #8s include lwb, ptb, lhs, and they all get rotated evenly. Most corporate plebs rotate their black square-toe lace up with their black square-toe slip on. I rotate my shoes the same, only I do it with style.
I did not because I'm between sizes, but it's up to you. They are a low rise in front, so the waist is supposed to be larger than your actual waist size. Unlike most low-rise jeans, these have a higher, straight-leg level rise in back. They will likely stretch an inch with wear, but mine never looked sloppy. If they are loose when you try them on, return for a lower size or just wear them with a belt.
Tellason John Graham Mellor in 12.5oz denim. It's 200, but the cut is a flattering slim straight, and the denim doesn't fade with high contrast.
This is my favorite alden shoe that I own. I don't wear them enough solely because I don't want the whiskey to get stained. Mine are a darker shade, and I love them with darker raw denim or navy chinos. They give a great pop of color (like someone else said), and because they aren't rugged, they can be easily dressed up. I will wear them into the fall for sure as soon as I get some leather defender to protect them. My regular indys look like they came back from Iraq,...
looking more for a ns fit, but a little trimmer and cleaner.
is the 710 significantly slimmer than the 0500? from BIGs measurements, the 0500 looks only slightly bigger. how much shrink should i expect in the waist from these (I know the denim is different on each)? I would want more shrink from the 0500 and less on the 710.
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