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My alden progression: original indy boot #8 lwb whiskey lwb (returned due to vamp coming loose and alden botching the repair job) whiskey indy black grant captoe dark brown unlined suede chukka #8 ptb hampton black captoe bals #8 lhs cigar captoe boot on order since 1980 it feels like... next purchase will likely be a ravello ptb/sw or some other boot I have learned that I don't like alden calf - it stretches too much and doesn't hold its shape. Yes, I use correctly...
^^^I love my whiskey indy boot, and if I didn't have a closet full of shoes, I'd jump on them. It's on a double leather sole and dresses up much better than the traditional one. Also, the hand-stitched moc toe looks sick as hell. Think hard on it. This would be fine for the office if it will blend with your standard wardrobe. Probably not the best fit with incotex super slim pants and the like, but it you wear slim fit or regular fit, get them. You will like.
Looks like welting from the water. Shell is unpredictable - water may do nothing or can cause welting on the membrane. My first LWBs have a similar problem on one of the shoes when it gets wet. Try using saphir renovateur and brushing.
Cork insole with leather footbed. I have allen edmonds shoes with a cork insole, and my aldens have all molded as well or better. In my experience, they have taken longer to break in that AE.
^highly doubt it. I apparently ignited an estrogen volcano in this thread, and I'll probably creep on elsewhere.
I wasn't calling snowman danny devito. I said the pants looked like they were Devito's, meaning they were too wide and short on him. Can we all move on now? Cool.
Agreed. I never thought that what I wrote would be so offensive - I thought it was a funny (if not fairly accurate) description. For a group that eviscerates people for the slightest detail imperfection, you guys are a pretty sensitive bunch.
first, it was a description of how the pants look to me. If the top block is super wide and the pants are cropped 6 inches above the ankle, what does that look like to you? second, you could have come up with a much better insult than chucklefuck. i don't even know what that's supposed to mean.
I did, and I'm happy with my look. I'm not talking shit on anyone - I'm looking for a reason why people like it.
I didn't say those things - I only mentioned the fit. Snowman is wearing a pair of cropped pants prior to all that car talk, and they look like someione else's pants (that someone being short and fat). Obviously everyone is entitled to their choice, and I'm not knocking his, but I want to know what it is about that look that people are into.People slaughter Hagg for untucked shirts with a blazer but can't stop stroking Snowman for the anti-fit. It blows my mind. Someone...
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