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rubber soled loafers - show off some style but still comfortable enough when you dougie
Alden shop in NYC on Madison. Prompt shipping just like shoe mart - got them the next day. They have #8 too, which I prefer, but I needed a black shoe that would work for dress and casual(ish). This shoe is a little dressier than I initially thought it would be, but it should still work with jeans if needed.
i also just received a captoe boot, but i bought the black cordo on the grant last with double leather sole. of all the lasts i have/tried, grant is by far my favorite. i wish they did more with it. these boots are insanely comfortable right out of the box, and there's none of that silly barrie heel slip.
my foot is a 12E on the brannock and i wear 11.5E barrie and 12E grant. think the 12D in the earth chamoise will fit me? i know it may stretch, but i don't want it to look like a brown sock.
Did the #8 lwb with a #8 belt.Suit: Saks Made in USA blue pinstripe, Loro Piana fabricShirt: white BB slim fit ainsley collar]Tie: Thomas Pink yellow tie with small navy flowers (similar to the Hermes or Ferragamo look)Pocket square: white, straight foldOverall, very conservative and clean. I had a red Valentino stripe tie for back-up, but I went with what I wanted.Oh, and I think the interview went well, too.
guys, what's your opinion on a color 8 lwb with a dark navy pinstripe for an interview for a summer associate position at a philly law firm? i have a pair of AE park aves that i would like to wear, but i think the leather is dry or something as they creased really strange today. might have to return them to nordstrom. also, i have an alden black cap toe boot on the grant that is brand new. would that work?
Skin to leather is fine if you don't wear them every day and keep it hygienic. Use foot powder. My first pair of boat shoes stunk to high hell because I wore them almost every day without letting them breathe. Now I rotate my shoes more and have no problem with smelly shoes except chucks. The rubber and synthetic sole prevents adequate breathing. I put zeasorb powder in those.
absolutely stunning
Maybe you guys can help me here... I am looking for a black boot that will be versastile. I am torn between the classic cap toe boot and this plain toe on the crepe: (bottom of page). I would have uploaded a pic but work comps block everything. Thoughts? Can a crepe sole be dressed up?
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