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anyone pick up those J Crew lined chukkas? they look like mighty fine. will the lining keep the suede from stretching as much as the unlined? my feets are wide.
i only buy their stuff on sale. luckily, there are so many sales i never have to wait too long. how do the ocbds hold up over time? i have a rugby, some chinos and t-shirts, but i want to try their shirts. thoughts? anything better at this price point?
i wear barrie lwbs with a suit because i'm a bigger guy and the shoes balance off me quite well. my suits are still as tailored as possible - no excess fabric, but not tight. i probably would avoid it if i were very slender like many on this board.
yes, but sizing down too much can mean that the foot isn't properly aligned in the shoe, eventually causing pain and possible injury
if you don't have cankles, heel slippage will occur. i may be different, but i thought the 5 last was pretty long. my foot measures 12E on the brannock. i take an 11.5E barrie (slightly loose, but the D is too snug) and an 11EEE in the park avenue. just what fits me better. if you call someone at The Shoe Mart, they can help you with sizing because they sell both brands. One thing to keep in mind is that Alden shoes seem to all feature more toe room than most other...
new discovery - microfiber wipes just made my longwings shine like crazy
i want to see pics of someone wearing the jacket in real life
rubber soled loafers - show off some style but still comfortable enough when you dougie
Alden shop in NYC on Madison. Prompt shipping just like shoe mart - got them the next day. They have #8 too, which I prefer, but I needed a black shoe that would work for dress and casual(ish). This shoe is a little dressier than I initially thought it would be, but it should still work with jeans if needed.
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