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even if the barrie fits your foot, there may be some heel slip if you don't have cankles. try the grant last - the heel fits much tighter.
Those Peal boots look like a color 8 mixed with some dark brown. I have seen a few pairs of cigar in real life, and those pics on the last page are definitely close to the real color. Some older cigar shoes have a slight greenish hue to them, but the newer ones that I have seen don't have that characteristc. The worst that can happen is you return the shoe if the colors match too closely for your comfort.
those cuffs are quite trad
looking good as usual, uncle! the stitching on the vamp came loose on my whiskeys...sent them back to alden for repairs a couple weeks ago. i miss them dearly.
website loads slower than old people bone. anyone downloadable the shoe finder thing that matches your foot to a last yet? i looked earlier and found nothing.
all the estrogen on this thread is making my nipples itch. and this is coming from a guy that critiques pictures of dudes on an internet fashion site... let's get back to the clothes. thanks.
a nice looking shoe, but i would rather get the player's shoe from allen edmonds. more size availability and $125 less.
where are these from? grant is the best last IMO
the pockets are a little long, but not ridiculously so. They don't sag on me, so the pockets stay higher up where they are meant to stay. i have new standards with normal sized back pockets, and i think the longer pockets help the denim to lay better while it is snug and breaking in. try a pair before committing to left field - the worst that could happen is you don't like it and return it.
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