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I have big thighs from squatting and I sized down 2 no problem. Trouble buttoning at first, but they stretched out quick. They are now slightly loose. Unlike many other tighter-weave denim, APC NS thighs stretch, too. You can help the waist along if you dampen it and slowly stretch the waist. I dampened the denim up top and just sagged them a bit - worked like a charm.
color 8 is still king
^Agreed. I have an SG Special that highlights my color 8s. Could use a little abelone inlay in my life.
I wouldn't call them elf shoes, but they are more tapered in the toebox than other Aldens. Look at a full lace boot with a leather liner. Check J Gilbert or Alden of Carmel for something in a commando sole. Personally, I would still spray them with suede protector, but that can change the color of the shoe.
grant captoe boot and filson 258 in dark brown. no pic - in advanced trial methods class and would look bizarre taking a pic of my outfit.
I wear the same in Park Ave and Barrie. AE-5 is a long last.
I wear 11.5e in barrie. Went with 12e in grant boot. It's a little narrow for me, but the shell stretched a bit. Length is TTS, so just a tad longer than 11.5e barrie.
Rolex will revoke dealerships if their watches are sold below list, and they have successfully done so. Wouldn't a mutually bairgained-for signed contract trump a dealer argument?
Namor has some pics of his already on this thread somewhere. We have the same ones. I bought them in black. Think of a black captoe dress shoe like the AE Park Ave but with extra leather around the ankle. The edge doesn't extend much past the upper, so it is a very clean look. Top center left boot. The toe is more round in real life.
I wouldn't wear indy boots with a tie. Would wear with modern trad or dress casual. Nice denim or chino and harris tweed? Surely.Perhaps a color 8 captoe or plain toe boot on the barrie, then. I prefer barrie to the grant because the grant is a little too dressy for me. I wear my grant boots with a suit when it's cold out. Most people have no idea it's a boot until I sit and the pant legs rise up. I originally bought them for double duty to wear with jeans, but I...
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