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I have a pair of black captoe boots on the grant last w double leather soles. Got them from the Madison Ave store. They are extremely versatile. I can wear them w jeans or slacks at work. Nobody at work believed that they were boots until I showed them.
They will dry back out over time. Fyi - your boots look great. Don't sweat it.
Been out of the Alden buying game for about a year, and I just checked out shoemart to see what's new. Looks like Alden prices went up $100 on all cordovans. Unbelievable. Couldn't imagine how much the whiskey Indy would go for now (if available). Over $800? Woof.
Saw these repurposed military surplus bags on Kickstarter and thought you'd all like to see this stuff. Anyone heard about this brand? If I didn't have a Filson bag, I would snatch that messenger bag right up...
37k in 2006 in client service at a financial services company. 62k last year after a couple of promotions. For finance, I'm basically paid in circus peanuts, but it's allowed me to go through law school at night. Also, my 401k is sexy.
I have a sub and a two-tone baume mercier capeland chrono, as well as a vintage IWC and Longines. I'm looking for a new watch, and I'm torn on which direction to go. I really like the Breitling gmt 44. Anyone have any thoughts? I know the price is steep, but I can get a good price from an AD I'm friends with. I also like the PAM 233 and PAM 320, but I'm not 100% sure how I'll feel about Panerais over the long term. I've liked them since learning about them in the...
sometimes they won't brush out. happened to my longwings. shell is unpredictable. i still get angry when i look at the spots.
Went home for lunch to walk the dog today and was greeted by a leathersoul box on my porch. Finally got the chocolate suede tankers that I reserved so long ago I forgot. Contrast stitching on them really pops. The pics on the site are pretty accurate, except the color is a rich brown, not so gray-ish. These are already high on my list, second only to my whiskey indy.
I've been wearing lumiere noire lately. Works very well with my skin. At first, I wasn't a huge fan because it was out of my comfort zone, but I'm so glad I did. When my bottle runs out, I will try to branch out a little more.
With special make-ups in the rare shades, you are at the whim of Alden. Timelines are always tentative, and delivery is based on shell supply and production ability. This is not J. Gilbert's fault, and you will find generally the same issues at all the stores. Trust me, the dealers are probably more frustrated than you are because they have 24 cutomers per order who are pissed about the same thing.
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