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Yeah, now that I think about it, that's probably it. I live in a gated community. I can't remember the last time someone rang my doorbell.
There is a constant buzzing noise coming from the white box above my thermostat. This is happening on both floors of my house. Anyone know what this box is and what it does? Thanks in advance.
If the ones at the HF store are fully canvassed, go with those. Some of the cheaper mainline HF suits are no longer fully canvassed. If can wait a few weeks, sign up with Gilt Groupe and wait for a sale. HF seems to be on sale every few weeks. You can get HF suits in solid colors for around $500.
The "r" in "ren" or "ruan" is not really the same as an English "r". More like "z" or "zr"
Yeah, in the Chinese language, there are no words that start with an "r" sound, so the closest variant is an "l". And there are no words that end with an "l" sound, so the closest variant is an "r". That's the reason why so many Chinese get their r's and l's mixed up.
Speaking of Starbury, there's a nice article about his life in China.
Agree that this is probably how Lin will be viewed at the end of the season, but I really think the sky is the limit for him. He's already shown massive improvement from year 1 to year 2. There is a reason he spent a season with the Warriors but never played anything but garbage minutes. Plus now he's put on some muscle and improved his outside shot. He can work on taking care of the ball and improve his midrange game. The little things you can't teach, such as court...
Unlike the n-word, "chink" seems to have offensive connotations to some Chinese, but not to all. Heck, even J-Lin called himself "chinkballa88" back in the day.
For me, the first dunk was the most amazing. It was the perfect combination of creativity and power--before that I had never seen anyone do a reverse 360 dunk, let alone a reverse 360 plus windmill.
Agree somewhat, but I also think he has worked really hard to improve his game. He averaged, what, 5 assists per game in college? And now he is averaging 8 or 9 against more skilled defenses, albeit in a slightly longer game. I've seen a little bit of film of him in college and he always a good finisher near the rim in traffic, but I think he's worked a lot of refine his game, like taking better angles to the basket off the pick and roll. He's also bulked up quite a...
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