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PM'd on the houndstooth shorts.
Time to move outta the state, douchebag. Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White ^^^ Windbreakers. Haven't seen that in ages. I once had a lezbo college professor who "confessed" and "came out for the first time." Seems she was notorious on for doing that every semester. Around that time, I kept noticing that gay guys would run to embrace each other right in front of me and block the sidewalk so I had to go around...
Spectators are among my favorite style of shoe. I have several pair in different color combinations. The classic B/W brogue is the most stylish. It is limited in versatility, however, and tends to look somewhat "costumey," à la "Evil Under the Sun" (great wardrobe direction, BTW). Works best as evening wear and with only black, white, and gray combined VERY carefully. I used to have a pair and almost never wore them. I rarely do wear my brown/white spectators, but they're...
Last weekend I dreamt that I bought that pair of EG loden green suede boots from Arethusa406. They were a sort of lime green/chrome yellow and very beat up and floppy. I looked inside a boot and there were black spots like fungus. They smelled really bad. For some reason, I reckoned I coudn't send them back because they had come in an old fashioned woven tackle box.
Imperfection? Not to me. These shoes are quite beautiful.
I second that. A TERRIFIC deal. Those would be LONG gone if they were in my size!
Or mismatched pairs. When working as a stock runner in the shoe department as a summer job when I was in college, I would occasionally see this. The result of sloppy salesman work when customers would try on numerous pairs and leave them scattered all over. It always merits checking sizing in both shoes to make sure they're the same.
Took a risk on the sizing, as I wear 42 - 42.5's. But I read the shell ran somewhat large. I was surprised, however, in how narrow these were: narrower than any other Vass I have. Not a bad thing, as I am somewhat narrower than a U.S. C width. Oddly, all my Vass are nearly the same length, regardless of the sizing.
Ferragamo Wholecuts And these
That's so weird. When I was in the store for the trunk show on Friday afternoon, that boot was literally one of the two items I actually picked up to look at. And I was there for maybe an hour and a half (mostly talking to the Alden rep. and another guy. All I remember was the price tag was around $1,695.
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