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rainy and nothing to do...
thanks for the input guys. I went ahead and ordered the 42R today. I'll post some pictures once it arrives, hopefully by next week.
I know I posted in the tailor's thread. I'm interested in getting some more opinions as a I'm not sure what to make of the fit. The suit is a Suitsupply Sienna in 42L. "A Tailor" thought it looked about 1.25-1.5" too long. I called Suitsupply and they confirmed that the 42R is ~1" shorter. My problem is that I'm not convinced that what I have now is indeed too long, to me the proportions look fine. Maybe they would look better with a shorter jacket. Thanks for your...
First time posting for feedback. Suit is a Sienna from Suitsupply in 42L. No alterations. Thinking it might be too long for me. I appreciate all feedback. Thanks!
I have the mid and light grey flannels and brown pick & pick. I'll try to post some pics this upcoming week.
Scott goggles are still good, and all modern goggles have a good ventilation system. The ones with fans built in are only necessary if you are going to be touring.
Month old otter green 257 i've been carrying this bag about 3 days a week to school. Awesome upgrade from my old patagonia messenger bag. OK upside down cell pics don't do a Filson justice. . . here you guys go. Carrying, 13" MB, charger, couple pads of paper, a big textbook, a little textbook, blade, pen, pencil.
Hope your Marmot is insulated. Cap1 + R1 + slow beginner hill lifts = COLD foo
just a suggestion.
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