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rainy and nothing to do...
thanks for the input guys. I went ahead and ordered the 42R today. I'll post some pictures once it arrives, hopefully by next week.
I know I posted in the tailor's thread. I'm interested in getting some more opinions as a I'm not sure what to make of the fit. The suit is a Suitsupply Sienna in 42L. "A Tailor" thought it looked about 1.25-1.5" too long. I called Suitsupply and they confirmed that the 42R is ~1" shorter. My problem is that I'm not convinced that what I have now is indeed too long, to me the proportions look fine. Maybe they would look better with a shorter jacket. Thanks for your...
First time posting for feedback. Suit is a Sienna from Suitsupply in 42L. No alterations. Thinking it might be too long for me. I appreciate all feedback. Thanks!
Scott goggles are still good, and all modern goggles have a good ventilation system. The ones with fans built in are only necessary if you are going to be touring.
Month old otter green 257 i've been carrying this bag about 3 days a week to school. Awesome upgrade from my old patagonia messenger bag. OK upside down cell pics don't do a Filson justice. . . here you guys go. Carrying, 13" MB, charger, couple pads of paper, a big textbook, a little textbook, blade, pen, pencil.
Hope your Marmot is insulated. Cap1 + R1 + slow beginner hill lifts = COLD foo
just a suggestion.
What did you go with for layering? If you're still looking I'd go with Patagonia merino 3 top with the Helly Hansen Warm hybrid 3/4 length long underwear. You don't want to go with regular long underwear, the extra material of the full length pant will get folded up and compressed in the boot and is generally uncomfortable. Ski boots have sufficient insulation to keep your feet and calf warm so go with a thin pair of OTC Smartwool PhD ski specific socks or something...
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