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AoC Ravello LWB & EP
AoC brown calf WT boot with the commando for the rain.
Sneaky Shell.
Kathy Flynn @ Alden Washington DC will ship Alden Leather Defender to Canada. Give her a call @ 202-347-2208.
Nine-Eight-Six, EP Linen & OTC
If the #8 LS NST Saddle is a must own shoe for you & you didn't pay full retail, no brainier keep them. If the make-up isn't a must own & the spot will bother you, no brainier sell them. My personal approach to spots on shell #8 is that they add character as the shoe or boot ages, but that's just me.
LS #8 NST Saddle on the Leydon Haven't been around in some time only 6,245 posts behind.
Alden NYC already does a CXL perf cap, but it is on the Barrie. http://www.aldenmadisonny.com/DRESSCASUALS2.html
The easiest way to take a vote on this is for someone to create a google doc & then all interested parties can vote and see it there is a consensus. Someone did this when we voted on the whiskey Indy and it worked great.
IIRC the magic number is 12.
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