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FF trousers are online.
No, I actually prefer the double leather sole on the cordovan Indy & haven't added a thing.
Ravello LWB & EP
Kathy emailed me this morning with an update, nothing new. Alden hasn't confirmed the order yet. Kathy will let me know if anything changes & I will keep everyone posted as soon as I know anything more.
That's bloom, excess oils come out of shell over time if they aren't worn. Buff them with a flannel cloth and you will be good to go.
A #4 LWB would be great!We tried via the Alden MTO thread with Kathy to get a #4 boot produced for us and anything #4 is a no go. Don't know why #4 is so rare, but it pops up from time to time. Heck, will we be lucky if we ever hear back that Alden confirms the Thor make-up.
SFTG, you are correct sir. #4 is the occasional shoe in my collection that I wear for a pop. Never found a belt to match my #4 shoes. Here's a few pics of my LS #4 4x4 to showcase the color.
Lakota House did a #4 LHS for their 10th anniversary as well as a #4 NST boot and a #4 NST blucher.http://www.lakota.co.jp/updates/index.php?ID=2315
Can't you wrong with either choice, here are a few pic of mine to help you make your mind up.Cigar LWB when new, with flash & in the wildWhiskey LWB
#8 Indy
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