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Thought they might've been these, but these have a flat welt.
Me thinks they my be grant lasted black shell from Kathy, but just a guess.
Mike, can you post a montage of all the colors that were available at the end of the event? Would be nice to see all the goodies that were available.
Was epic.
Blue thunder gone, not by me.
Regretted not purchasing the exploded check flannel, that problem is now rectified and I threw in the purple buffalo check as well. Don't know where you found the exploded check flannel lying around, but thanks! Can't believe it has been a year and a half since my last EP purchase.
IIRC there's a code for SF'ers on the sale section, what's the code again?
Mike nice makep! Is that a granny knot I spy. http://www.ted.com/talks/terry_moore_how_to_tie_your_shoes?language=en
Leffot #8 Tanker & EP
Getting a trouser fix I need to scratch, how long will the MTO trousers be up for? These flannels and tweeds are calling to me.
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