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Quote: Originally Posted by jasonfoote303 My new pair! Snuff Suede Indy with Red Brick sole from Unionmade SF Nice purchase they look great!
Quote: Originally Posted by citamlli In the first picture, it is to the right of where the shoe is flexed. The tear is very small but none the less a tear. Can I prevent it from getting larger and can I fill it in or anything? You could always try the spoon trick.
Quote: Originally Posted by citamlli I recently purchased some used 975s. I noticed on my right pair on the outer side where the shoe flexes that there is a slight tear beginning. Can this be fixed and should I be concerned. I don't see a tear in these pics. If in doubt use a horsehair brush on the area in question. Cordovan is quite resilient.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold Whiskey caps Very nice Chris. Nothing says warmer weather better than whiskey and the balmoral is a nice touch.
Winn Perry Little Tanks
Quote: Originally Posted by stant62 Looking for a pair of color 8 tankers - Anyone know where I can cop? Looked at Context and Leather Soul but no go. TSM has the NST boot in Ravello and #8 on the Aberdeen last. Here's the linkā€¦ http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-men..._cordovan.html
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 ^ Yeah, very nice for sure. I'd be interested to know where they're from. The Rough Roy (from Context) is very similar, but has a crepe sole (which I'm not into). It looks like th LS Pitt boot, but I could be wrong. The sole on this model adds a nice touch of class over the crepe.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold New arrival - Chamois with double water-loc sole. Very nice Chris! What color are those? I'm guessing earth, but could be the tobacco. I just pulled the trigger on the Winn Perry little tanks in tobacco and I am awaiting delivery this week.
Quote: Originally Posted by PHILIPBENNY Ravello Cap Toe [IMG][/IMG] Cigar Indy [IMG][/IMG] #8 Tanker [IMG][/IMG] Great looking boots!
LS #8 Ranger Shoes on the Crepe Sole
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