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Quote: Originally Posted by Marcellionheart Did you pick up the brown wingtips? Would have preferred them, but as my gf says "You don't have any black boots." I did purchase the AF95's they arrive on Tuesday. : )
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcellionheart PSA: Alden of Carmel is clearing out some stuff. I made sure I reserved a pair of black leydon wingtip boots in my size before I made the PSA, though. Ha! I noticed this last Tuesday and stocked up myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by cyc wid it I just might, but saving a couple hundred bucks doesn't hurt. I hear you on that. Which model of the Indy are you looking for?
Quote: Originally Posted by cyc wid it looking for some size 9 Indys... too slow on 2 now Just my 2 cents and I don't mean to offend you, but why don't you just purchase a pair brand new? That way you know you're getting a great boot and you'll have them for many years of great wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by nemuine Well, I can only find them in Ds, so 6D? The Trubalance is the widest last that Alden produces, I would recommend the C width. Check out the link they carry 'em. http://www.NorthRiverOutfitter.com/p...ome_excel.html
Quote: Originally Posted by vivalet here is my alden collection so far... with three more pairs on the way! context rough roy, 9901, LS NST tanker lady calf, snuff PTB, LB ravello monk straps, 1494s (which are for sale since they are a size too big!) Nice collection!
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur whiskey lwb argyles otc Looking great mac! Just purchased the whiskey LWB today and they arrive at my house on Thursday.
Leather Soul Snuff Suede NST kinda day
Quote: Originally Posted by Hataraki_man ^Agreed, those navy ptb's are so well done I may have to put in my first pre-order for those. Just need to decide between 9E and 9EE... Tom must love it when people who haven't even 'joined the family' yet are misspelling sole, soul. Remember that they are unlined so a safe bet might be the 9E.
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy Just got these from Tom, unlined PTBs Nice purchase & great composition of the pic.
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