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Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur ravello chukkas argyles otc Looking sharp mac!
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur wear at least three different times walking on carpeting before you take the shoes to walk on the concrete to ascertain that the fit is right for you The mac method. : )
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon rkusmant: the #8 Indys on the left are just awesome. Where did u score them? TSM has 'em in stock on the commando sole sans the speed hooks.
[quote=mcarthur;4424749] Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG My latest purchase...Black Shell Boot on the Leydon Last with the Crepe Plantation Sole nice looking boots! enjoy wearing. i am not a fan of the crepe sole Thanks mcarthur. The crepe sole is really growing on me…great for casual wear & when you need to put walking miles on. The crepe makes for a really flexible sole similiar to the flex welt…comfy right outta the box. Just another...
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude wow looks amazing ... thanks for your help btw for before. it was very helpful and fixed my problem did you find the error/issue or was there nothing noticeably wrong with it? No problem, always glad to help out a fellow forum member. Couldn't really detect what made 'em seconds, so I decided they were worth keeping. : )
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I love mine! Mac, those are such a beautiful brown! Selling my 9E ravello LWB if anyone is interested...in my sig. Gotta say Ranger those Ravello LWB's are sweet and look great. I've been known to fit in a 9E on the Barrie…
Never thought I'd purchase black shell for I thought black was boring...I was wrong. Machine stitching it is...great eye. The machine stitching is very smooth and uniform compared to my cigar Indy's which are hand stitched. The Leydon is a great last not as chunky as the Barrie and TTS...definetly not my last Leydon purchase. As for where I purchased them...TSM seconds list. I took a flyer on them and they worked out great. Anyone know which retailer they were made for?...
My latest purchase...Black Shell Boot on the Leydon Last with the Crepe Plantation Sole
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur brown suede ptb argyles otc Great looking shoes & socks mcarthur! Didn't know that you owned anything other than cordovan. : )
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ill Sherman Brothers x Alden in snuff suede Nice purchase! They look great & are perfect for warmer weather.
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