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Quote: Originally Posted by scb both In time as they age they will darken and this may become less noticeable. If it was me I'd keep 'em, or you could always eBay them to a new home.
Quote: Originally Posted by natesjuice hi all. i also picked up these bad boys off the irregular list .... cigar v-tips! however, although the email stated that these were on the barrie last i'm pretty certain after trying them on that they are actually on the modified last. i consider myself to have a neutral gait so i was just wondering if anyone on this board who also has a neutral gait and owns a pair of shoes on the modified last could tell me...
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Voting for MTO01 and MTO02 is closed. Here are the results: Whiskey Indy Commando: 4 Leather: 10 \t Eyelets: 6 Hooks: 5 \t Hand: 5 Machine: 7 Ravello Cap Toe Plain Cap: 12 Quarter-Brogue: 7 \t Hidden Eyelets: 5 Visible Eyelets: 10 I'll update the initial post as well. If you would like to opt out of either of these designs, please let me know ASAP so I can get an accurate final head...
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR Ravello NST Boot even better. the grant last has to be one of my favorites along with the leydon and aberdeen. Can I ask where you got them? Just curious Thanks! Those ravello NSTs look fantastic…great color and I love the full eyelets.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger These came today: Nice purchase they look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR mmm, my bad. im wearing my nst ravello boots and they are just as dark Pics please?
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG Thought I'd crosspost this from the Alden thread. Rivet chinos + Alden Wingtip boots. Nice pic…looking sharp. I'm guessing the Aldens are from AOC.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastor If we are looking at the same list then i'm glad you got those ravello LHS. They were tempting me and i've already bought four pair of shells this year. There are also some Cigar LHS on the 9.5 email. Thanks! I didn't have any LHS in my arsenal and figured it was worth a shot. I spotted the cigar, but can't go the full strap on the LHS so I passed. Not a bad list some decent summer shoes.
Snapped up a pair of the ravello LHS and a pair of the tan George boots that were made for Leffot a couple of months ago. Hope they workout. : )
Here you go...
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