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Quote: Originally Posted by Danito Hey, Just picked up my first pair of Aldens: Cordovan Cap toe color # 8. Any words of wisdom for an Alden amateur? Congratulations on your first purchase. Post some pics of them and get a nice horsehair brush and shoe trees. Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by norweejun Thank you. Does most Alden stores in the US carry this last? I can't find them here in Norway, but I'm hoping to get over to NY some time this year. The Moulded Shoe in New York is king of the modified last. Here's the link… http://mouldedshoe.com/aldenselection.html
Quote: Originally Posted by wangvicous #8 chukka or #8 ptb mainly for casual wear but dressing up sometimes? I'd lean towards the #8 PTB, but that depends on your current Alden situation. With summer on the horizon the PTB is a great go to shoe. Either way you will be very satisfied with your purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by vivalet what is the best way to clean ravello shell? I wore mine to a party last night and they got spattered with margarita, i think, and there are little dots all over them. I rubbed them down with a damp cloth, but the spatter marks are still there. I am panicking! Very common to shell…a lot of brushing and time will remove these spots.
Ravello chukka kinda day
Quote: Originally Posted by citamlli Picked up some longwings. Nice purchase they are beautiful shoes. Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW ^I've seen monk straps on Plaza lasts but that is pretty much the same narrowness as aberdeen. The style is really dressy so I don't think Alden makes it on a wider last. The monkstrap is also made on the Leydon last on occasion. Here's a link to a pic of said shoe… http://www.theshoemart.com/mas_asset...D/FD-1536Y.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Funny they don't seem to note the lasts. I noticed that omission as well…I'll guess it's the Barrie or the Aberdeen. As for price if you want now that's a choice you make. That is a really nice boot and shoe trees are included.
Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng mmhmm agreed, thats why im doing the pre-order for the context cordovan tanker! If you don't want to wait Citishoes has them in stock. Here's the link… http://www.citishoes.com/custom_boots.htm
I'm loving my pair of Little Tanks that I purchased. Not many miles on them and I just posted them a few pages back. Gotta say the plantation sole is really growing on me it makes the boot flexible right out of the box and ultra comfy for walking. Nice rugged casual boot and low maintenance as well.
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