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Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR mmm, my bad. im wearing my nst ravello boots and they are just as dark Pics please?
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG Thought I'd crosspost this from the Alden thread. Rivet chinos + Alden Wingtip boots. Nice pic…looking sharp. I'm guessing the Aldens are from AOC.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastor If we are looking at the same list then i'm glad you got those ravello LHS. They were tempting me and i've already bought four pair of shells this year. There are also some Cigar LHS on the 9.5 email. Thanks! I didn't have any LHS in my arsenal and figured it was worth a shot. I spotted the cigar, but can't go the full strap on the LHS so I passed. Not a bad list some decent summer shoes.
Snapped up a pair of the ravello LHS and a pair of the tan George boots that were made for Leffot a couple of months ago. Hope they workout. : )
Here you go...
Did you see the new Alden makeup at Leffot? Wow! Blue suede LWB.
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon McArthur is like the Godfather of Shell to us Alden Fans. He's an excellent source of knowledge/ advice (see "break in procedure" and "mac-method of care") and heck of a nice guy, besides that. Just a sign of respect. Uncle mac is a true gentleman with impeccable taste, and I'm proud to be a nephew.
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur cigar ptb argyles otc Looking sharp mac.
Quote: Originally Posted by Paradox_SWE My first pair of Alden... You won`t get your hands on these here in Skandinavia and i ordered a pair from Leather Soul, outstanding service by the way... Nice purchase! Enjoying wearing them they look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mistral Thanks, but no thanks. How exactly do these shoe stores a billion measure your feet? I HIGHLY recommend having your feet properly measured BEFORE spending money on a shell boot. Getting advice second hand based on a Chuck Taylor sneaker is ridiculous. Just trying to save you the headache and expense of a sizing mistake in advance.
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