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That sounds good. Hope we can persuade a retailer to go through with these orders.
Nice organization, the spreadsheet was a great idea. When do you think we should finalize the designs?
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon Happy Friday to all. Who says you have to wait till 5pm to drink? Here's a little whiskey, on their maiden voyage (Barrie last, Citishoes NYC). Nothing wrong with some whiskey on a Friday. Very nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR very naice ^ there has been an influx of Roy's recently. where are they all coming from? Context.
Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng my cordovan boots had small little welts after walking through a downpour. I let them dry a day or so, but there are still very faint welts that i cant seem to get rid off, any ideas to get rid of them completely? Brush, brush, brush, brush, brush and more brush.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer I don't think it is interest that is causing these to not get made. ravello boots fly off the shelves whenever they are made, its the supply that is much harder. though, getting in on pre-order does make it more likely that you will actually be able to buy a pair I realize that the supply of whiskey and ravello shell are limited. I think it's 500 hides for 1 that are made into whiskey. Nothing wrong in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcellionheart Received my black wingtip boots today. AOC AF107? Very nice and enjoy wearing them.
Quote: Originally Posted by interlockingny My guess is that Kathy has shown in the past to be receptive to makeup suggestions and Stephen has sold the Ravello captoe boot before. That is correct. I'm just trying to generate interest in a special makeup boot from a retailer. I wouldn't be opposed to a ravello Indy, either. The more SF members who express interest, the greater the chance of getting a special makeup produced. I guess a consensus or...
Anyone who's interested in trying to get a whiskey Indy boot made up needs to call Kathy at the Alden DC store @ 1-(202)-347-2308 Anyone who's interested in trying to get a ravello captoe boot made up needs to email Steven @ info@leffot.com. The only way either one of these boots could possibly get produced is to take the time out of your day and express interest to either retailer. I'm in for either pair and have called Kathy already and will email Steven today.
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Nice day for a family photo... Color #8 Longwing Color #8 and Black Saddle Burgundy Perforated Cap Toe Ravello Chukka Whiskey Cap Toe Tan and Brown NST Saddle ??? Great collection & outstanding pics. My suggestion for #7 is suede, maybe an unlined PTB.
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