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Never thought I'd purchase black shell for I thought black was boring...I was wrong. Machine stitching it is...great eye. The machine stitching is very smooth and uniform compared to my cigar Indy's which are hand stitched. The Leydon is a great last not as chunky as the Barrie and TTS...definetly not my last Leydon purchase. As for where I purchased them...TSM seconds list. I took a flyer on them and they worked out great. Anyone know which retailer they were made for?...
My latest purchase...Black Shell Boot on the Leydon Last with the Crepe Plantation Sole
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur brown suede ptb argyles otc Great looking shoes & socks mcarthur! Didn't know that you owned anything other than cordovan. : )
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ill Sherman Brothers x Alden in snuff suede Nice purchase! They look great & are perfect for warmer weather.
These look great & are in my size! Any chance of posting pics of the soles?
Quote: Originally Posted by ClassyCanuck So, I decided to get a pair of boots. Thanks to LS for their help, what a great bunch of guys over there. My fist pair of Alden boots, hopefully not my last. and as you can see, the dog approves of these Nice purchase! Are these the 403 CXL Indy's?
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold Finally some nice spring weather for whiskey: Outstanding Chris! The NST looks great in whiskey.
Quote: Originally Posted by Danito I just purchased my first pair of Aldens (cap toe boots #8), and they've already accumulated quite a few scratches. Can these be simply brushed out, or must they be filled in with polish? Brush 'em out…that's the beauty of cordovan.
Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar emailed them for info on this chukka but no response. anyone know what last it is on? More than likely they are going to be on the Barrie. I wouldn't worry about it for they are prolly long gone by now. Always call TSM…never email. The old adage the early bird gets the worm applies to the seconds list.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarryFlashman Anyone have opinions on this cigar shell model on the van last? I am intrigued, as it might go as a casual shoe, maybe even sockless... The ranger moc great casual shoe. Not usually made up in shell although I own a pair in shell #8.
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