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My Alden Collection Clockwise...Leffot Cigar Indy, Black Shell Crepe Boot, #8 Wingtips, WP Little Tanks, Snuff Suede on the Commando, AOC AF32's and Ravello Chukka Clockwise...LS Suede NST, LS Ranger #8, WP Indy Shoe, PTB #8 on the Flexwelt, #4 4x4's and Monks on the Plaza.
Quote: Originally Posted by dannynoonan Is there more than one type of commando sole? All the other commando soles I saw in this thread had lugs all the way to the edge on the heel, but not the forefoot. Are these the Ultimate Jump Boot from Leather Soul? They certainly look like the LS Ultimate Jumper Boot, but the LS are on the double oiled waterlock sole. My guess is someone had their local cobbler make a commando sole by modifying the...
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 I was hesitant to buy a pair of Whiskey LWBs as I feared they may be too similar to my tannish J. Crew version LWBs. As a result, I went and got Whiskey PTBs instead. Here's a side by side comparison to show the similarity/difference in color hues. Nice purchase! They both look great, but that PTB is stunning.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold I'm in. Let's say Monday is Alden collection pic day.
Anyone interested in doing an Alden collection picture day? We can always go back to endless sizing questions on another day.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger To me nothing beats seeing the pictures of shoes in this thread. It always delivers. One thing that does drive me nuts though, are the shoes I see posted that I absolutely LOVE (like the recent postings of several saddles) that I know just won't work for me. Those navy and snuff saddles are so gorgeous, but with my aesthetic I feel I'd look like a complete tool in them. Anyone else feel this? OK, rant over,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur ravello chukkas argyles otc Looking sharp mac!
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur wear at least three different times walking on carpeting before you take the shoes to walk on the concrete to ascertain that the fit is right for you The mac method. : )
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon rkusmant: the #8 Indys on the left are just awesome. Where did u score them? TSM has 'em in stock on the commando sole sans the speed hooks.
[quote=mcarthur;4424749] Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG My latest purchase...Black Shell Boot on the Leydon Last with the Crepe Plantation Sole nice looking boots! enjoy wearing. i am not a fan of the crepe sole Thanks mcarthur. The crepe sole is really growing on me…great for casual wear & when you need to put walking miles on. The crepe makes for a really flexible sole similiar to the flex welt…comfy right outta the box. Just another...
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