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Neatsfoot oil. Here's an interesting article on CXL leather…http://horween.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/chromexcel®-2/
Thanks Keith!
Recently I purchased the George boot in tan calfskin, and they squeak when I walk in them. The noise emanates where the vamp meets the back of the strap. Any tips to stop this annoyance?
Looking sharp! Can't wait 'til the cigar arrives in the fall so I can purchase a pair of cigar PTBs
Comfort is a must @ the DMV for the lines go forever…good luck.
Thanks for the updates Keith. Is a storm welt the same as a reverse welt? I would prefer the ravello cap toe with a flat welt.
That's the pen trick for setting creases.
Ha! A search in SF would definitely produce a more useful result.
The mac method.
Looking sharp uncle. Not the usual cobblestone background, but a step up from the carpet.
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