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Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur whiskey lwb argyles otc Looking great mac! Just purchased the whiskey LWB today and they arrive at my house on Thursday.
Leather Soul Snuff Suede NST kinda day
Quote: Originally Posted by Hataraki_man ^Agreed, those navy ptb's are so well done I may have to put in my first pre-order for those. Just need to decide between 9E and 9EE... Tom must love it when people who haven't even 'joined the family' yet are misspelling sole, soul. Remember that they are unlined so a safe bet might be the 9E.
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy Just got these from Tom, unlined PTBs Nice purchase & great composition of the pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Two Shoes ^^ Wouldn't hurt to know my size on Brannock but I'm actually pretty damn close to figuring out my size with Alden Trubalance. 9E or 9.5D...just trying to figure out which. You really need to get on a Brannock first to establish the size of your feet. Alden has over 10 different lasts that all fit a little differently and knowing your size is essential. I'd recommend staying with a retailer that has an easy...
Quote: Originally Posted by Two Shoes I posted about a month ago with a pair of 10E Rough Roys that were too big for my feet. I returned them for the next-closest-down size which was a 9D. The length on the big toe seems ok but the outside of my foot feels kinda jammed and my little toes feel kinda jammed. How much will these stretch? On my next pair of Aldens (Turbalance last) should I go up a size or just increase the width? Also, I have a history...
Quote: Originally Posted by miran No, my instep is pretty normal, and maybe it feels a little tight but not noticeably painful like shoes that are too small. I get no blisters (although my pinkys are a little pinker). It could just be because I'm not used to wearing such heavy shoes. Yes, these are 403s in CXL, but I have other shoes and boatshoes made of CXL, which do not wrinkle to this extent at all. IN fact, to the average guy on the street,...
Quote: Originally Posted by miran Friends, I recently got a 403, Size 10D. All my life since i"ve been an adult, I've worn 11D in American shoes and 45.5 (11.5D) in Italian/Swiss shoes, and 10.5 in English shoes. The powers that be determined my trubalance size to be 10D, based on Brannock measurements of my foot. The 403s fit my foot perfectly. The length is perfect, in the sense that my foot just sits in there, it cannot be pushed forward or...
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur thank you do you wear argyles? Never really considered argyle socks, but your pics are great. Purchased several pair of argyles and I'll see how they work for me. Thanks for all the pics that you have posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 ^ ^ Too bad you two can't each afford a pair - maybe if you bought fewer shoes? Look at you with your jokes. Ha! Don't forget about the boots, too.
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