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Whiskey PTB on a sad day of remembrance. Never forget.
For brushes I use different ones for each color cordovan just to be on the safe side. I have a brush for color #8, black, ravello, whiskey, cigar and lastly but not least color #4. The way I look at it is that brushes are cheap…cordovan isn't. My Alden's are always in bags in the factory box, but not in the plastic bags. As for touch up on the dressing of the soles it's a must. Here's a link to my go to heel and sole edge...
Ha…one of the advantages of not be married. I look at it this way it's not everyday an Alden MTO gets pushed through. Keith, thanks again for all your help!
I always use AE for my brushes, flannel and trees. Here's the link…http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/cati_Shoe+Care+Products_1_40000000001_-1?
Set creases…full steam ahead. Those are "spectacular" RKD!
Looking sharp Mac!
The best course of action is to sit back and wait for Kathy to contact everyone via email. How many whiskey Indy boots are going to have all eyelets, double water lock sole and reverse welt…this has to be our order. Sit tight and I'm sure Kathy will contact everyone.
Keith, I forwarded the email that I received from Kathy to you. The email stated the makeup of the whisky Indy, and that the order was about to be placed for delivery in the spring. As for Kathy not needing a confirmation first, and then placing the order I can't be of any assistant on that. I'm assuming that the rest of the whiskey Indy group will be contacted shortly by Kathy. Don't know why I was contacted first with the good news, but I appreciated it for it made my...
Great news today from Kathy @ Alden DC. Kathy confirmed the whiskey Indy, it will have all eyelets and the double waterlock sole. All I have to do now is wait 'til spring for delivery (hopefully).
Looking great! Enjoy wearing them.
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