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Ha! A search in SF would definitely produce a more useful result.
The mac method.
Looking sharp uncle. Not the usual cobblestone background, but a step up from the carpet.
Very sharp looking whiskey LHS mac. I'm already missing the cobblestone backdrop in the pics, but the shoes are as sharp as ever.
Thanks for the update Keith. Also thanks for working with all of us to move this forward, and hopefully to fruition.
How did it go with the retailers? Any updates?
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur whiskey indy argyles otc Looking good mac!
Quote: Originally Posted by coffeequeen newbie-type question: does Alden ever offer the #8 cordovan shell plain-toe monkstrap in a last other than the Aberdeen? I know the monk has been offered with the Plaza last in calfskin, but have they ever done something in #8 shell with the modified or trubalance lasts, or similar? thanks. The monkstrap is also produced on the Leydon last.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr chorizo Saw a pair of these for sale used, worthwhile purchase for a guy who wears denim 6 days a week? Definitely.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Does anyone know who else offers the old wp pebble grained cap toe boots with water loc sole and pull tab or how I can get a pair? I know these aren't the WP PG boots but this LS makeup is worthy of consideration...http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/201...boot-lsw-lsbh/
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