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Thank you very much sir.
Thanks! It is a great makeup in calf or shell.
Here's comes an Alden bonanza...I apologize in advance, I just purchased a new DSLR... Alden 4X4 in color #4...Color varies from deep red to almost pumpkin in color depending on the lighting. Whiskey PTB Unlined PTB on the Flex LS Ranger Shoe Ravello Chukka Cigar Indy Black Cordovan on the Leydon Ravello LHS Winn Perry Indy Shoe
Absolutely superb uncle…outstanding shine.
I've never seen bad pics look so good. That makeup is spectacular! Enjoy wearing them, and I love how the Indy boot snuck into the picture.
Alden x LS NST Saddle #8. Thanks Tom, I love the makeup on the Leydon last.
Thanks uncle!
Ravello Chukkas & Argyles OTC
Great looking PTB uncle…spectacular shine!
Wow! They look fantastic, enjoy wearing them.
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