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Has anyone been contacted by Leffot? I'm in on the pre-order as well and haven't been contacted yet by Leffot. Kathy really got the ball moving on the Whiskey Indy, and i was hoping for the same from Leffot.BTW Porter those Whiskey PTBs are fantastic and they are my size, if I didn't already own a pair of them I'd purchase 'em. GLWTS.
Thanks RKD your beatiuful pics a couple of pages back made me purchase them.
Edit- pic links don't want to work.
Ravello Medallion Cap Toe... Thanks to Mac for posting his pics of this makeup. Thanks to all the SF'ers who managed to get Kathy to reissue this makeup. Lastly thanks to Kathy, and the fact that she had my size left in stock.
Thanks! I treated them to a little Alden brown paste wax.
Alden x AOC AF84
Looking sharp! Those look like the Leffot model with the blind eyelets & speed hooks.
I've worn them once inside and only inside. One day they will see the wild, I'm just waiting for a worthy occasion.
Fortunately it didn't come down to that, but I know what you mean.
Thank you very much sir.
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