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Those PTBs are looking great!
My latest acquisitions... Whiskey LHS Cigar Chukka
Technically speaking they wouldn't arrive until 2012, and they are boots, so I think it'd be alright to purchase them under your guidelines.
Ravello Medallion Cap Toes on the Plaza…first voyage using the break in procedure.
Looking great Porter! The antique edge trim really makes for a nice makeup.
The Moulded Shoe is king of the modified. Here's a link…http://mouldedshoe.com/indyandchukkaboots.html
Thanks Porter…I guess I'm getting antsy after seeing those great looking RMCPs from Leffot.
I have received two emails from Kathy so far…one confirming my order, and the other confirming machine stitching only on the Indy. I'm asuming that everyone who's in on the Whiskey Indy MTO has received these emails.
Thanks for all the kind words & compliments on the RMCTs. Good eye…Plaza last they are.
Has anyone been contacted by Leffot? I'm in on the pre-order as well and haven't been contacted yet by Leffot. Kathy really got the ball moving on the Whiskey Indy, and i was hoping for the same from Leffot.BTW Porter those Whiskey PTBs are fantastic and they are my size, if I didn't already own a pair of them I'd purchase 'em. GLWTS.
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