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Thanks. Really liked those whiskey NSTs that you posted a few pages back, a nice stocking stuffer.Alden DC had them a few months ago I'd give Kathy a call she may have your size in stock.
They are a really nice makeup. My favorite Alden last is the Leydon with the Plaza a close runner up. No experience in the Grant, but that cigar cap toe boot from Alden DC almost swayed me into a pair.Thank you, one of my favorite Alden's, wait I love 'em all.
Ravello Medallion Cap Toe on the Plaza
O/S uncle. That looks like a light edge trim…love 'em.
The eyelets & the welts are different, both great looking makeups. Nice pickup zippyh.
What a great makeup! Looking sharp & enjoy wearing them.
Very nice! I'm sure Tom will cut you some slack, after all you did design your own great looking boot for LS. Enjoy wearing them.
Winn Perry Litle Tanks Great all weather boot with the oiled reverse chamois.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. LS Saddle #8 on the Leydon, my favorite last. Sorry for the bad iPhone pic.
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