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Wow! That is a great saddle makeup, nice shine.
Thank you uncle.
 OK...Just 1 more !!  Now that's good stuff!
Cigar PTB & argyles OTC
Nice cigar LWB & love the socks.
Very nice cigar LWB, enjoy wearing them.
Very nice whiskey Indy.
Thanks. Really liked those whiskey NSTs that you posted a few pages back, a nice stocking stuffer.Alden DC had them a few months ago I'd give Kathy a call she may have your size in stock.
They are a really nice makeup. My favorite Alden last is the Leydon with the Plaza a close runner up. No experience in the Grant, but that cigar cap toe boot from Alden DC almost swayed me into a pair.Thank you, one of my favorite Alden's, wait I love 'em all.
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