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For the gold or silver spot use a razor blade or knife edge on it. GENTLY scrape where the spot is, it will come off surprisingly easy. Any surface scuff that you make on the cordovan can be easily buffed out. I had a spot on a #8 NST that I used this trick and it worked great. BTW that's a great looking cigar Indy boot, wear them in health & congrats on your second little one. If it's a boy may I suggest Alden as a name.
Thanks & congratulations on your purchase. The PTB is a great shoe, very versatile. Here's a pic or two of my whiskey PTB.
Whiskey Chukka
Unlined #8 PTB on the Flexwelt Tom just received a restock, here's mine with a few miles on them.
They are a really nice makeup in CXL. I'm already regretting not getting in on the LS CXL LHS preorder.
Winn Perry Little Tanks
I'd go cigar first with ravello a close second and whiskey last. This could be because I don't own cigar or ravello in the LWB, yet.
Thanks! It's remarkable how different shell can look under various lighting conditions.
Alden Whiskey LWB
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