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Winn Perry Little Tanks
They are about a year old, obtained them via the Alden DC MTO thread. We gave Kathy the details of our make-up and Alden produce them. Whiskey shell, speedhooks, storm welt, close heel, double waterlock sole & Foot Balance heel. Kathy is the best.
Whiskey Indy
Ravello Chukka
Incorrect sir, the welt is also different. Need supply has a flat welt on their version, either way nice purchase.
There are 7 pair of size 28 trousers in the sale section.http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale
Leffot NST with Leather Defender applied for spring showers & EP
Thanks Wisith! Your pics always rock.
[[SPOILER]] #8 Leffot Tanker & EP
Sorry for the y-axis pic, EP & Alden today. Nice sale today! Wanted to take the time out today to say how impressed I am with the new website. Compared the the old site it's night & day. The amount of special orders that are available from FF shirting & pants, then throw in MTO shirts & now sportcoats. Get outta here! Couple that with the excellent customer service & boom epaulet is a one stop shopping experience. Carry on with the great work Mike, Adele & the EP...
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