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Thanks. You are correct and I do apologize. I'd love to see something in #8 with the antique edgetrim…PTB or LHS. I really think a six eyelet #8 chukka with the antique edgetrim close heel would be great. Here's a pic of my black shell 6 eyelet chukka to give an idea of what I'm suggesting.Just an idea…
That's sloppy and not what I'm looking for. Everyone who's done this so far has looked rather bad for the thread in the welt is still black like the original edgetrim color. Here's a picture of my Leffot Tankers to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. It is the contrast that makes it work for me.I want the welt stitching to match the antique edgetrim as seen above. This would be a great makeup in an LHS.
Black Shell Six Eyelet Chukka
Nice looking balmoral.
Very nice!
How about a #8 LHS with the antique edgetrim like Mac wears? Maybe a #8 PTB with the antique edgetrim? Last one…a #8 six eyelet chukka with a flat welt & close heel with the antique edgetrim. Just some ideas would love to see another MTO come to fruition as Mike is willing to work with us. Epaulet rocks!
Very nice! I'm sure Yenni will love 'em.
Feeling the need for another Alden Collection Picture Day. Everyone round up their pictures & post them on Monday. Sound good?
Thanks uncle.
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