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Wow! I was looking forward to your pics, spectacular. Thanks for sharing.
Wow! Great collection with a #4 and I love the cigar captoe & the blue suede chukka really rocks. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
Alden Collection Picture Day LHS - Whiskey, #8, Ravello Chukkas - Whiskey, Cigar, Ravello, AoC AF 32, Fran's Boone 6 Eyelet Whisket PTB & LS #8 Unlined PTB LS #4 4x4 & Cigar PTB RMCT & Whiskey LWB LS #8 NST Saddle & LS #8 Ranger Shoe Blackbird Chemist Boots, Leffot Cigar Indy, #8 SW Leffot Tankers Leffot Westsider & AoC 84 Suede - Winn Perry Little Tanks, Plaza Lasted Snuff, LS Snuff NST CXL - Winn Perry Indy Shoe & LS CXL NST
Thanks uncle.Thank you for your kind words.
Are you referring to shell or calf? If it is shell you're way overdoing it, use the Mac method.
LS #4 4x4 All this color #4 talk lately so I figured I'd show how they look under various lighting conditions and lastly on my feet. Can't wait for Alden Collection Picture Day on Monday. Hope everyone has their pics ready to go.
The Leydon is my favorite Alden last, and I'd be in on the LWB on the Leydon. I have no experience in the Tremont and I couldn't vote for it.
The Alden MTO has fragmented with all these different makeups going around. I wonder how many will come to fruition? Really dig the blue suede LHS makeup idea!!!!
What kind of welt on the tanker reverse or flat? Would prefer a flat welt, and I'm not a fan of pull tabs. Really would've love a #4 LWB on the Barrieā€¦
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