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The Leydon is my favorite Alden last, and I'd be in on the LWB on the Leydon. I have no experience in the Tremont and I couldn't vote for it.
The Alden MTO has fragmented with all these different makeups going around. I wonder how many will come to fruition? Really dig the blue suede LHS makeup idea!!!!
What kind of welt on the tanker reverse or flat? Would prefer a flat welt, and I'm not a fan of pull tabs. Really would've love a #4 LWB on the Barrie…
Lakota House in Japan did these #4 makeups for their 10th anniversary.
Color #4 LWB on the Barrie with a reverse welt on a double waterlock sole with the antique edgetrim. I'm in for that and I don't care how long the wait is.
Nice looking boots Dr. Jones.
Thanks. You are correct and I do apologize. I'd love to see something in #8 with the antique edgetrim…PTB or LHS. I really think a six eyelet #8 chukka with the antique edgetrim close heel would be great. Here's a pic of my black shell 6 eyelet chukka to give an idea of what I'm suggesting.Just an idea…
That's sloppy and not what I'm looking for. Everyone who's done this so far has looked rather bad for the thread in the welt is still black like the original edgetrim color. Here's a picture of my Leffot Tankers to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. It is the contrast that makes it work for me.I want the welt stitching to match the antique edgetrim as seen above. This would be a great makeup in an LHS.
Black Shell Six Eyelet Chukka
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