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UPDATE ON THOR BOOT, KIND OF: Talked to Kathy Flynn today & no update. Kathy said Alden has no word on when the needed Cigar would be available. I realize that this MTO has dragged on & if anyone has changed their mind and wants to pull out please send me a PM. The main concern of Kathy was the size of the Thor order, thirty eight pair of cigar shell boots. That is a large MTO for Alden with cigar being in demand, other than that Kathy didn't think the order would be a...
I'm not a stickler, that's character, keep them. Wear them in health & enjoyAlex Kabbaz, top notch.http://www.customshirt1.com/
EP, EP & Alden today. Safe travels in Europe mike & crew & have fun. The Luchino polos are great, nice fabric (given) & great fit (another given). Here's a few pics of some recent arrivals, the aubergine & infrared polo:
Cigar PTB & EP linen.
Beautiful, wear in good health.
40349HC the model you referenced is the Leffot #8 tanker boot, not #4 Grant last.
Whiskey Indy & EP Bonus pics when they were new:
Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who shared their Alden collection pictures. There are some outstanding Alden collections both big & small in this thread. I don't speak often in the Alden thread, for I let my pic's do the talking, but I wanted to say thanks for all the kind words on my Alden collection. It was this thread that inspired my Alden purchases, with special thanks to Mac. That is all and I won't clog the thread up anymore today for I'm guilty of my own...
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