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Don, looking great in your ravello LWB. Remember the Mac method involves walking on carpeting, not plywood.
Thank you.Looking sharp!
Nine Eight Six
Thank you. MrDV your Alden collection is very impressive & I love your pics. Carry on.Thanks SFTG, don't overlook the whiskey LWB.Very kind, thank you.
Whiskey Indy
AoC Ravello LWb & EP Bonus pics:
Thank you, very kind words. Gentlemen have a great Monday!
IIRC, fellow sf'er interlockingny has these (LS ravello WT) in a 9.5D for sale in the B/S thread.
Winn Perry Little Tanks
They are about a year old, obtained them via the Alden DC MTO thread. We gave Kathy the details of our make-up and Alden produce them. Whiskey shell, speedhooks, storm welt, close heel, double waterlock sole & Foot Balance heel. Kathy is the best.
New Posts  All Forums: