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Ravello LWB & EP
Thank you, the interview went well.
LS #8 NST Saddle with Southwick suiting by EP for an interview today.
Leffot #8 NST & EP
AoC Cigar LWB & EP
Could always hit them with Neatsfoot oil and see what happens.
Didn't see what it was but if it was a used item for sale just put it in your signature.
Inside the boot.
Kathy was the most receptive on a MTO but they are other retailers who may be as well. It took me a year just to find out the Thor wasn't possible much less run 35 pairs. The wait would be well over a year or two unless the Alden scene has changed, there's no oversupply of cigar much less getting Alden to make a cigar MTO, either way good luck.
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