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Could always hit them with Neatsfoot oil and see what happens.
Didn't see what it was but if it was a used item for sale just put it in your signature.
Inside the boot.
Kathy was the most receptive on a MTO but they are other retailers who may be as well. It took me a year just to find out the Thor wasn't possible much less run 35 pairs. The wait would be well over a year or two unless the Alden scene has changed, there's no oversupply of cigar much less getting Alden to make a cigar MTO, either way good luck.
Your only shot at it is with Kathy in DC and then what happens is too many people sign up and the whole thing gets axed. Happened with the "Thor" boot in cigar had over 35 peeps signed up.
Very nice! Where did you purchase them?Congrats all on the Whiskey purchases.
http://trextrying.tumblr.comLove the new MTO shirting and the Southwick news is great, too.The blue buffalo check one of my favorite EP shirts, would love this in a red or purple or lavender.
No seconds list for me. ;( Can someone post the 9D & 9.5D list for S&Gs? Thanks!
Don't forget about the boots!
Buffalo check!
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