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Reconsider the crepe, it's a casual make-up & can always be resoled at a later time. Here's a few pics of my LS #8 Ranger on the crepe.
Interesting interview with Nate Humble. http://www.rodengray.com/blog/2013/05/interview-nate-humble-of-alden/?utm_source=Customer+List&utm_campaign=954947dfe5-SS13-INT-Alden&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a41d6417dc-954947dfe5-235124433&mc_cid=954947dfe5&mc_eid=4c0b596536
Thank you, sir.Highly recommend.
Ravello Chukka & EP Have a great Sunday, gentlemen.
Whiskey LHS & EP Linen
Or better yet another round of FF shirts.
Thank you. Chukka is more casual, at least for me.
All the above & then some.
Whiskey LWB
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