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All this color #4 talk has me thinking that I haven't worn my LS #4 4 x 4s in at least 2 years.
Cigar PTB & EP
#8 LS Saddle on the Leydon & EP
Cigar Chukka & EP
Frans Boone actually has a few pair of a very similar model left.
LS Ranger Shoe on the Crepe
Ravello RMCPs
Thanks, I lucked into this pair as I watched this thread and pounced at the right time. Come to think of it I've never been on a Alden preorder ever just right time right place. Watch the thread and good things happen, be prepared to be fast on the phone, though.Thanks Mike! Knew someone would know and I really love the Thomas heel.
Thank you, they are from Kathy @ AoDC a few years back. Close heel, double water lock sole and my favorite heel that Alden makes, don't actually know the name of it. Rubber on the bottom with an extension on the insole side. I'll have to post pics of the heel later to ask what exactly it's name is.
Whiskey Indy & EP Natural Linen. Happy Easter to all!
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